Chapter 1860-END   - 1860: The Finale

“I don’t take your Gu family seriously at all now.” Song Ling only hated that Mark had been dealt with by the president so quickly. Otherwise, she could have used Mark’s ability to take over the Gu family’s assets now.

Su Yan sat on the sofa and looked at Song Ling. She smiled and said, “I’ve always thought that we were good friends.”

“From the moment you didn’t help me, we were no longer good friends.” After Song Ling finished speaking, she said accurately, “To be precise, we were already enemies at that time.”

“Song Ling, don’t be stubborn. Don’t you want to repent and turn yourself in? If you turn yourself in at the police station now, they will definitely treat you

leniently,” Su Yan said earnestly.magic

Song Ling smiled disdainfully. “If you have time to care about me, you might as well care about yourself.”


Qiao Nian sat down beside Su Yan and held her hand.

“Since you’re so stubborn, fine. Let’s discuss your loan contract.” Su Yan didn’t understand how her former good friend had become like this, but things had changed. “The loan contract clearly states that you have to repay all the loans in fifteen days. It’s about 1.5 billion.”

Song Ling’s expression changed slightly. The antique furniture in her hands

had been sold for a total of 600 million yuan, and she had borrowed 1.5 billion yuan from MY. She had gathered a total of 2.1 billion yuan to buy 40% of the shares.

However, how did Su Yan know what the loan contract she had signed was like?

With this thought in mind, she hurriedly took out her phone from her pocket.


She had once taken a photo of the contract location. As the process of

international loans was more complicated, it required half a year of review. She couldn’t wait that long, so she sent her identification documents. At that time, the other party had transported 1.5 billion yuan in cash over in several cars.

At that time, she was stunned by the money. All she cared about was money.

Without caring about anything else, she signed the contract and didn’t notice what was written on it.

However, she was still a cautious person, so she took a picture of the contract.

When she saw that the punishment for overdue repayment would double in half a month, she was stunned.

How could this be?

It wasn’t easy for Song Ling to acquire the shares of the Lu Corporation today, so she had the confidence to settle scores with Su Yan. She never expected to face such a huge penalty for breach of contract.

Even if she was only a day late and she wanted to sell the shares in time, she

would have to return a portion of the money. Her dream of becoming the President of Lu Corporation was about to break down.

Qiao Nian had a sweet smile on her face. “Madam Song Ling, I’m now your creditor’s client. They asked me to collect the debt from you. Are you ready?”

Song Ling’s mind raced. Suddenly, a glint flashed across her eyes. She narrowed her eyes and looked at everyone in the Lu family in front of her. Her voice trembled as she said, “You knew long ago that I was going to take loan?”


Song Ling thought of Song Yu. At that time, she had even asked Song Yu to borrow a lot of money from the bank. She hurriedly looked out and saw Song

Yu walking in. “Hurry up and sell a portion of the shares. I want money. Also, give me more money.”

Song Yu slowly pushed Song Ling away and walked towards Lu Jiang, who shielded her behind him.

Song Yu looked at Song Ling expressionlessly and said in a low voice, “Aunt, I’m sorry. I’ve already transferred the shares to Big Brother for free. Moreover, I’ve also canceled my account.”

No one had expected Song Yu to cancel her account. They were all stunned, but they still had to resolve Song Ling’s problem.

“Aunt, I’ve already handed over all the facts of your and Third Aunt’s crimes to the police. Now that you owe so much money, all the assets under your name will be under Big Brother’s name.” Song Yu lowered her head and said slowly.

Lu Zhu would also help pay off all the money Song Yu owed. “You… you traitor! What right do you have to give my money to someone else!”

Song Ling screamed hysterically. When she heard the sirens outside, she immediately jumped out of the window to escape, but she was still caught.

Auntie Cao couldn’t escape in time and was taken away by the police.

Qiao Nian watched as Song Ling and Auntie Cao were taken away. A smile appeared in her eyes…