Chapter 2: A New Fu Jiu, Cool

For three days, Fu Jiu stayed in the hospital for check-ups. On the very fourth day, she stopped acting like a pretty boy in a hospital gown.

Fu Jiu had always been very good at adapting.

But there was one thing she needed to figure out.

Who had stabbed her in the back!

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, and the temperature in the ward dropped to the freezing point.

And then she smiled again. The angle at which the corner of her mouth hooked up was perfect.


It was as if this person was full of disguises.

She was a hacker. Code name: Z.

She could do whatever you wanted her to do with a single computer.

But someone like her took on a high school kid’s body and was reborn.

“Young Master, I took out all your clothes. Do you want this outfit or this one?” Chen Xiaodong looked at the young man who was sitting next to the window, and as if he were asking for some reward, he continued, “Both are from Givenchy’s newest collection.”

Fu Jiu jumped down from the balcony with the support of one hand. There was a lollipop in her mouth, and her silver hair looked a bit messy. Her eyebrows were stunning to death, and her thin lips were slightly pouty. She walked towards Chen Xiaodong slowly with her left hand in her pocket.


That laidback look of hers was totally like those demon deacons from cartoons—so freaking cool!

Chen Xiaodong was nearly awestruck. Not to mention that all girls would fall for Young Master, even boys would... No, I can’t think like that! Thinking like this would only encourage Young Master’s bad habits and evil temperament. The reason why his young master was beaten and sent to the hospital this time was still vivid to him!

If the boss knew that his young master had a crush on Young Master Qin, he would definitely break the young master’s legs!

“Only these two? Are there no other options?” Fu Jiu looked at the extremely bright colors in front of her and frowned.

Chen Xiaodong buried his head and pulled those clothes aside. “I also brought your favorite trendy pieces from the BOY collection!”

BOY? Are you sure they are not some cheap stuff from Taobao 1 ? The original owner’s tastes are really peculiar. Fu Jiu looked at the clothes in floral colors in front of her, unbuttoned her hospital gown with her fingers, and spoke with a low voice, “Go get my uniform.”

“Hah? Young Master, don’t you hate uniforms?” Chen Xiaodong’s eyes widened as he was shocked by Fu Jiu’s words.

Fu Jiu took a glance at him and only gave two words: “Go now.”

Without any explanation, her voice was so scary that it made people weak in the knees. Was this still the same nouveau riche Young Master of his? Jiang City’s No.1 Middle School had a long history, great teachers, many powerful figures inside, and top scholars in both the arts and sciences. Of course, there were still a few unenterprising students who didn’t progress. Fu Jiu was a typical example.

Compared to other well-off second generations, she was even more disliked by others, because she lived to show off, came to school in race cars, and made herself look like a mine owner.

Even though her family was actually in the mining business, she brought what she had learned from her dad to school, which was very inappropriate.

And with her way of dressing, people only thought of her as a bumpkin and not as something mainstream no matter how handsome she thought it was.

Thinking about it carefully, Fu Jiu had actually never done anything outrageous.

But an existence like her was simply like a joke. Who would like her?

But today, the head teacher of the class looked at this freshly-baked pretty young man and asked with uncertainty, “Fu Jiu?”

“Aye, it’s me, Ms. Chen. I came to cancel my sick leave.” Fu Jiu smiled slightly.

Ms. Chen paused in shock and said, “Alright, I got it. Go back to class, no more fights later on. Put your heart and mind into studying.”


Ms. Chen was astonished to see the back of that young man who had just left.

Could someone really change this much after staying in the hospital for a few days? This was simply a makeover!