Chapter 2  : Game

“I want to live! Let me go!”

The violent gasps and shouts signified fear and dread!

The madman pulled the woman in his arms to act as his human shield. The collar that the head waitress had intentionally pulled down earlier had completely exposed her neckline as a result of the tugging.

“I gave you one chance!” That sentence sent chills to the bone.

Everyone who heard it was stunned.


The deep and mellow voice was so pleasant that it raised everyone’s hackles.

Even so, they could distinctly feel the iciness and threat in his voice!

At that time, all the other waiters on the first floor hid except Lin Hanxing. They were all trembling in fear.

“Save me… Save… Mr. Lei… Save me...”

The makeup on the head waitress’ face was smudged by her tears. She remembered how the people around that man addressed him with such reverence and mimicked them.

‘Save her?’ Lin Hanxing sneered softly.


She sensed something amiss as an aggressiveness flitted toward her.

That was an unforgettably charming face. The profound lines on his face seemed to be carved with a knife. He stood there alone, yet oozed an aura of supreme power and prestige, making those around him to have no choice but to bow before him.


The man who held the head waitress hostage carefully walked downstairs. He had clearly reached a dead end.


As Little You—who was shivering in fear—saw Lin Hanxing standing still, she hesitated for a moment before running toward her.

A sudden plot twist happened at that very moment!

Knowing that she might very soon be dead, the head waitress who was held in the desperado’s arm struggled madly and broke away from him when he was unattentive.

A gunshot was heard!

Silence resumed thereafter...

A fishy smell permeated the cabin. Those well-trained bodyguards who had dispersed quietly earlier stood silently beside the desperado!

Lin Hanxing’s finger twitched as her gaze fell on Little You not too far away.

Little You’s eyes widened in panic…

She did not close her eyes until the moment of death!

“Ah… Ah… Ah…”

The head waitress who broke away from the desperado in panic then wanted to use Little You as a shield…

She screamed out loud!

“Shut up!” Lin Hanxing’s voice was stiffened and seemed to have held back her anger!

She walked to Little You’s side and saw blood oozing out heavily from her back…

Lin Hanxing stared at it for a moment before slowly lifting her head. Her sight fell upon the head waitress.

It was her! She killed Little You.

The head waitress shivered as that indifferent look fell upon her.

She did nothing wrong. People were selfish. If she wanted to stay alive, she would not care who died on behalf of her!

Lin Hanxing sneered out loud all of a sudden.

It sounded obtrusive in the quiet space.

“She will come back to haunt you.”

Though it was just a simple warning, the head waitress felt as if she was being choked by a pair of invisible hands, making her unable to breathe!

Lin Hanxing looked at the dead body on the ground.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Suddenly, Lin Hanxing made a move.

She emotionlessly walked toward the dead body of the desperado. The bodyguards intuitively wanted to reach out their hands and stop her but paused with a stern look instead.

Lei Xiao’s condescending and falcon-like eyes fell on her thin figure.

Lin Hanxing slowly knelt, reached out her hand, and took the gun from the dead desperado’s hand.

The bodyguards around her became highly alert the moment they saw her move!

Lin Hanxing’s facial expression remained unchanged.

The next second, she...