A month ago, Fang Jinyu had been cleaning feces.

A month later, Fang Jinyu was still cleaning up feces.

Fang Jinyu explained to everyone, "I am very grateful that our sect allowed me to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm. Hence, I volunteer to come here to clean up feces to contribute to the harmonious development of the Tianling Sect."

Since Fang Jinyu's parents had sacrificed themselves for the sect, they could be said to be the most loyal disciples. Therefore, although Fang Jinyu's explanation seemed reasonable when first hearing it, it was just nonsense when one carefully thought over his words. However, nobody suspected his words.

Of course, there was nothing to doubt.

Fang Jinyu had spent so much time cleaning up the feces because he wasn't sure whether Su Yier's master was no longer keeping an eye on him.

However, he didn't have to clean up the feces anymore.


According to the book, Su Yier's master would have to leave the Tianling Sect in a month due to an urgent matter, which caused the female lead to encounter her first crisis.

As the female lead, she would definitely fall on her feet and gain benefits.

However, Su Yier's master became a cuckold due to the crisis…

Well, everyone could immediately understand the situation.

After all, the female lead would put every guy on the bench.

Of course, it had nothing to do with Fang Jinyu. He just wanted to stay alive.


[Once again, today is a day to clean up poop.]

[Refined hands-on ability+1]

Fang Jinyu heaved a sigh of relief while looking up at the starry sky. Finally, the month of feces clearing was coming to an end.

After that, he experienced an odd warmth in his hands as if his arms' strength had suddenly increased.

It was indeed not an illusion.

His strength had increased.

The hands-on ability was the ability to operate something or make it function.

The other 29 days of the previous month were uneventful, aside from the outrageously "refined appearance +1" on the first day.

For example, physical strength +1, poison and stench resistance +1, responsiveness +1, and so on.

It was all related to what Fang Jinyu had done that day.

Fang Jinyu's cultivation had remained the same in the past month, but his overall strength had improved significantly. Aside from his physical fitness, the techniques he had mastered initially were now more appropriate for him.

It was because he had obtained seven "casting speed +1" when he continuously used techniques to bury the excrement of the spirit beast.

However, Fang Jinyu was a little regretful about the situation. Although he seemed to have a system, he did not have a personal attribute panel. Hence, even though he gained a lot of "+1" for a month, he still had no idea about the accurate data. As such, even though Fang Jinyu had such a cheat, he still lived his life with caution and didn't even dare to be careless.

It was the last night Fang Jinyu stayed in the valley, but he didn't leave the valley where the black spirit pigs lived.

The place was deserted. Other than the group of mutant black pigs, there were no other living creatures. Thus, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator guarding the valley was so bored that he invited Fang Jinyu for a drink.

Since there was nobody else in the valley other than Fang Jinyu.

Li was the surname of the martial uncle in charge of the valley. His spiritual roots were better than Fang Jinyu's since he had dual-elemental spiritual roots. The fewer the elemental spiritual roots, the better the innate talent for cultivation. The best innate talent for cultivation was having single-elemental spiritual roots, called Tianling spiritual root. As long as the cultivators with Tianling spiritual root didn't become demons in the middle of their cultivation, they would definitely become Core Formation stage cultivators!

However, although Martial Uncle Li had dual-element spiritual roots, he was only at rank 3 in the Foundation Establishment stage after cultivating for most of his life since he didn't have any background in the Tianling Sect.

It was said that he was bothered by something in his past. He had been delayed for 30 years from entering the Lingdu Secret Realm.

Otherwise, even if he hadn't formed his golden core, he would've been in rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.At this time, a stream of light suddenly streaked across the night sky above the two of them. It brought an earth-shattering pressure and had already gone far away in just a moment.

When Martial Uncle Li saw the light's streak, his expression suddenly stiffened. Afterward, he waved his sleeve and said, "I'm tired. You may leave now!"

Even Qi Condensation stage cultivators didn't need much sleep, not to mention Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Hence, it was just an excuse.

However, when Martial Uncle Li saw Fang Jinyu looking up at the sky as he stood up to leave, he said, "That's the sword energy of a sword cultivator. Only a Core Formation stage cultivator could release such dazzling and powerful energy. If you encounter them in the future, hide as far away as possible. Sometimes, you might die by just a glance."

After hearing Martial Uncle Li's warning, Fang Jinyu was overjoyed and quickly cupped his fists in thanks.

In addition to thanking Martial Uncle Li for his warning, his words also revealed much helpful information.

The Tianling Sect wasn't a sword sect. Although they had sword cultivation techniques, only a few people could master the technique. The only Core Formation stage cultivator who mastered sword techniques was the master of Su Yier!

Fang Jinyu chose to stay in the valley until dawn.

Fang Jinyu was like a swallow darting through the air using his wind harness technique. Soon, he returned to his residence on the mountain peak.

Then, he walked back to his immortal estate in a good mood.

Since he, a cannon fodder who should have only been able to survive for one chapter, could be considered to have changed his fate at this point.

"However, there's still half a year before the opening of the Lingdu Secret Realm."

"I can't let my guard down in this half a year. Whether it's the female lead, Su Yier, or the people around her, I must stay away from them."

What did the main character represent?

The cause of all trouble!

Although his rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage cultivation base seemed powerful, at least a dozen people with the same cultivation base were on each Tianling Sect's mountain peaks.

The Tianling Sect had a total of 72 peaks.

His cultivation level would not be enough for him to die even if he had ten lives after being caught up in the protagonist's troubles.

"Senior brother, you're back?"

"Senior brother, why did you smell like marinated meat?"

A mischievous little girl was standing outside Fang Jinyu's immortal estate. When she saw Fang Jinyu, her eyes curved into a crescent moon-like shape, and she looked delighted. However, she quickly pinched her nose and ran away in the next second.

Fang Jinyu had memories of the former Fang Jinyu, so he naturally recognized this little girl.

This little girl's name was Xin Qianqian, and she was also a disciple of the Tianling Sect. She didn't reside in the same peak as Fang Jinyu, but rather one nearby. The peak was called the Mount Goddess and only accepted female disciples.

Xin Qianqian was familiar with the former Fang Jinyu because the little girl had run into trouble when she was out. She was helped by the former Fang Jinyu, who just so happened to run into her. From then on, the two of them were considered friends.

Fang Jinyu asked politely, "Junior Sister Xin, why are you looking for me?"

"Here, Senior Brother, this is for you." Xin Qianqian took out a small jade bottle.

"Blossom Dew?" Fang Jinyu found out that it was the bottle of Blossom Dew, which was a specialty product of Mount Goddess and a costly resource in the Tianling Sect.

A small bottle costs twenty spirit stones.

Twenty spirit stones were the amount Fang Jinyu earned after a month of hard work in the Spirit Beasts Valley. He might make less than ten spirit stones in a month if it were any other job.

Unlike the novels Fang Jinyu had read before, the Tianling Sect didn't give ordinary disciples spirit stones every month unless they had a job in the sect.

Apart from it, the Tianling Sect would not issue quests like an NPC.In the Tianling Sect, the higher one's cultivation base was, the more freedom one had.action

New disciples had to attend morning and evening classes every day. They could decide whether to cultivate when they reached rank 4 in the Qi Condensation stage. However, they had to work for a month every year.

Cultivators like Fang Jinyu, ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, would be exempted from working for a month every year. The Tianling Sect wanted their disciples to focus on breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage.

After all, not only could a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator extend his lifespan for 200 years, but any technique from him was equivalent to the combined attack of more than ten ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

Once he broke through and became a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, he would be totally free.

He could refine pills if he were interested or visit his friends whenever he wanted. He would be free to do anything.

Moreover, the Tianling Sect would distribute some spirit stones to Foundation Establishment stage cultivators monthly. If the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator took on a job, the Tianling Sect would double their salary!

Xin Qianqian pretended to be indifferent and said, "Yes, it's the Blossom Dew. I heard that you worked in the Spirit Beasts Valley. You can use it for bathing three times to completely eliminate the stench on your body."

"Thank you so much, Junior Sister Xin."

Fang Jinyu accepted the small jade bottle since he really needed it. Otherwise, he would be plagued with a foul smell for the next half a year.

Although Xin Qianqian was overjoyed when she saw Fang Jinyu accept it, she couldn't help but say, "Senior Brother, you're such a kind person. You can do other jobs to repay your gratitude to the sect!"

"I've been forced to do that..."

Fang Jinyu muttered to himself. However, when he heard the little girl say he was kind, he couldn't help but look at her strangely.

According to the book's description, Xin Qianqian was the kind one!

She even fell in love with Su Yier's bootlicker.

In the end, she ended up in a miserable state.

Even though the female lead wasn't interested in the bootlicker, Xin Qianqian was still considered to be stealing the female lead's belongings! How would a character who stole the female lead's belongings end up in a good state?

"Look at this little girl. She's obviously interested in the former Fang Jinyu. Why did she fall in love with someone else? Oh, right! According to the plot, the former Fang Jinyu should have been buried a few days ago… Moreover, the little girl gets married after more than ten years. She's already done her best for the former Fang Jinyu."

After some thought, Fang Jinyu looked at the Blossom Dew in his hand and decided.

He decided to try his best to help Xin Qianqian in the future. At the very least, he would not let her end up as miserable as in the book. He wanted to help her avoid dying tragically.

However, if he failed to protect her… He would try to let her rest in peace.

After all, the female protagonist, Su Yier, was a useless person. According to the book, she was about to break through the Nascent Soul stage just by having sex with all male characters in the books for more than ten years!

In such a situation, Han Paopao could only hold the small green bottle and tremble when hiding in the corner.

"Senior Brother, it's stinking to high heaven. I'll go first. Oh, right! Chen Baxing and the others have been looking for you recently. Senior Brother, be careful of them. I have a feeling that they're looking for you for trouble."

Xin Qianqian couldn't stand Fang Jinyu's stink and ran down the mountain as if she was escaping.

As he watched her leave, Fang Jinyu thought.

"Chen Baxing?"

Fang Jinyu was familiar with him. He was a notorious "bad guy" among the Qi Condensation stage cultivators in the Tianling Sect. He gathered a group of people and started a reselling business. However, he had a nasty reputation. It was said that he often went back on his word and was suspected of having killed many people to steal goods.

However, according to the book, such a nasty person lived to the end of the book.

It was just because Chen Baxing had fallen in love with the female lead, Su Yier, at first sight.

Chen Baxing would never go against Su Yier's request. He would do whatever Su Yier asked him to do. Even if he had to sacrifice himself to fulfill Su Yier's wishes, he would do it and show the results to Su Yier.

As the saying goes, "Everything goes right when I love you."

However, since Fang Jinyu didn't share the same ideas and values with them, he only lived for one chapter.

Fang Jinyu was confused with the situation and thought, "I've never met Chen Baxing before, and the former Fang Jinyu had nothing to do with him either. So why is this brat looking for me?" Afterward, he decided to take a shower first.

The Blossom Dew was indeed worth twenty spirit stones. The room was filled with fragrance from just one drop.

After taking a shower, Fang Jinyu felt much more refreshed. The fatigue that had accumulated over the past month was gone.

"Next, I'll try and see what will happen after a day of cultivation!"