Chapter 1024 Untitled  

At the mine, Wei Ting and Wei Liulang were lying in ambush in a ditch halfway up the mountain.

Wei Liulang said in confusion, "Little Seven, it's been a night. Why isn't the Saintess here yet? Did she lose sight of us?"

Wei Ting said, "Her falcon has been chasing us. She won't lose us."

Wei Liulang frowned and said, "Then why isn't she here yet?"

Wei Ting was also very confused about this.

Logically speaking, the Saintess would not be so slow. Wei Liulang continued, "Also, there seems to be some movement at the mineral vein just now. Could it be that Dad and Xiaoxiao have already saved him?"


On second thought, he shook his head. "If that man was saved, Dad will definitely come and tell us. He won't forget us here!"

Cheng Sang woke up in the middle of the night and the first thing she did was look for Su Xiaoxiao.

"Weiwei, Weiwei..."

"Mother, I'm here."

Su Xiaoxiao stood up and walked over.

Cheng Sang hugged her. "Weiwei, you've been out for a long time."


Su Xiaoxiao said softly, "Sorry, I was delayed by something. Were you worried about me?"


Cheng Sang nodded aggrievedly.

Su Xiaoxiao felt her fear.

She did not remember losing her daughter, but the pain at that time was deeply engraved in her subconscious.

Su Xiaoxiao gently stroked her back. "I'm back. Mother, don't be afraid."

"Yes." Cheng Sang rested her head on Su Xiaoxiao's shoulder and hugged her reliantly as if she was hugging something more precious than his life.

Su Xiaoxiao accompanied her until she fell asleep again.

This time, she slept very peacefully, like a child who had fallen asleep.

Su Xiaoxiao gently laid her down on the bed and pulled the thin blanket over her.

She was used to leaving an oil lamp on, so Su Xiaoxiao dimmed the wick.

Su Xiaoxiao came to the door and looked at the man. "Didn't you say you wanted to see my grandmother? Why did you suddenly change your mind?"

She had brought him over to let them meet, but he stood at the door and did not come in.

The man smiled self-deprecatingly. "It's better not to scare her like this. I've seen her. That's enough."

Su Xiaoxiao crossed the threshold. "The beauty is in her twilight years. She's different from the person in your portrait. Are you disappointed?"

"You little girl." The man smiled helplessly. "She's old, and so am I. There are some things you young people don't understand."

Su Xiaoxiao really didn't understand the weight of time.

Su Xiaoxiao asked, "May I ask what you think of my grandmother?"

The man thought for a moment and said, "It's hard to say if it's a relationship between a man and a woman, or if it's a form of thought and sustenance. I was locked up in the dark mine and was too lonely. Those three days of interaction were like a dream to me. I spent half my life recalling it."

"Very honest." Su Xiaoxiao looked at him in a different light.

The man collected his thoughts and looked at Su Xiaoxiao. "Let's talk about your plan next."

Su Xiaoxiao was in no hurry to answer him. Instead, she said, "I want to hear what your intentions first. Do you want to take back everything that belongs to you?"

The man smiled bitterly. "If I said that I was thinking about how to return to the palace every day in the early years, but my fighting spirit was gradually worn down by day after day of imprisonment, would you give up on me?"

"No," Su Xiaoxiao said seriously. "You're not a pawn. You're an ally."

The man was slightly stunned.

Southern Wilderness Palace, Chengde Hall.

The King of the Southern Wilderness did not review the memorials this night. Instead, he looked at the map for the entire night.

What was on the table was not an ordinary map, but a large map of the various countries. It detailed the border defense and military strength of the various countries.

To the south of the Southern Wilderness was a sea area, and to the north was the Great Zhou. On the east and west sides were endless mountains.

From the terrain, the southern border was a small and lonely country.

Hundreds of years ago, his ancestor was expelled. In order to survive, he came to the barbaric land in the south and circled around the various tribes for a hundred years before finally stabilizing his status as the royal family of the Southern Wilderness.

He was not satisfied with this space.

He wanted to restore the country and take the countries under the heavens for himself.

The first target was the Great Zhou. Enjoy many great stories at no'v)e(ln[e],m

Under his goading, the situation between Northern Yan and the Great Zhou worsened rapidly. Northern Yan launched another war against the Great Zhou.

From the information sent back by the spies, Northern Yan had lost again.

It was like washing a pig - a waste of both water and soap.

However, it did not matter much. Northern Yan only needed to delay the Great Zhou's troops.

Qin Canglan had sent troops to suppress Northern Yan, and Wei Xu had become a puppet again.

Other than the Su family's army, there were no other lions in the Great Zhou.

The Su family army was very powerful and did not lose to the Qin family army.

However, Su Mo had followed Qin Canglan to Northern Yan, and Old Marquis Su was far away in the capital.

The Su family army was leaderless.

In addition, that delicate princess was also in the capital. Using her as a hostage could restrain the Su family's army.

"You haven't found Wei Xu and the Princess of the Great Zhou?" the King of the Southern Wilderness asked.

Xie Jinnian quietly made tea for the King of the Southern Wilderness.

The Ghost Shadow Guard at the side cupped his fists and said, "Your Majesty, one of the two people we sent out last time was dead and one was injured. The seriously injured one didn't die."

The King of the Southern Wilderness looked at the green-robed man on the other side. "Could it be that Jade-faced Rakshasa again?"

The green-robed man smiled and said, "That junior brother of mine is insensible. I'll apologize to you on his behalf. Don't worry, I'll definitely capture Wei Xu for you. As for that princess, our Assassin

Alliance didn't accept this mission back then, and we don't intend to accept it now."

The King of the Southern Wilderness said, "Just capture Wei Xu."

He wanted Wei Xu to deal with the Marquis of Zhenbei and Qin Canglan.

As for Princess Hui An, she had been taken away by Wei Xu. Would he be afraid that he would not be able to find her?

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

Another Ghost Shadow Guard rushed over.

The King of the Southern Wilderness said to the green-robed man, "Hero Ning, go back and rest first." "Goodbye."

Ning Rufeng glanced at the Ghost Shadow Guard and left with a smile.

The Ghost Shadow Guard reported, "Your Majesty, something happened in the mine!"

The King of the Southern Wilderness asked calmly, "What happened?"

The Ghost Shadow Guard said, "Someone barged into the mine at night and kidnapped that person!"

The King of the Southern Wilderness' expression changed drastically. "Who did it?"

The Ghost Shadow Guard said, "I'm not sure... I let them escape. Old Master Feng said that he encountered two experts on the way. One of them was carrying a man wrapped tightly. They injured Old Master Feng's guards. Old Master Feng speculates that the person these two people kidnapped should be that person."

Old Master Feng didn't react at that time. It was only when he returned to the mine and realized that the people in the mine were gone that he realized that he had brushed past them.

Xie Jinnian suddenly said, "Your Majesty, I have something to report."

The King of the Southern Wilderness had always been good-tempered with him, but at this moment, he could not suppress the panic and anger in his heart. "Speak!"

Xie Jinnian said, "The Saintess went to the mine the day before yesterday."

The King of the Southern Wilderness said coldly, "Summon the Saintess!"

The little eunuch from the palace went without stopping.

However, the Saintess was not in the Holy Maiden Temple or the Holy Mountain. She had not returned since she went out the day before yesterday.

In addition, the spy brought back a piece of news. Emissary

Lu, who was beside the Saintess, had asked about the secret in the abandoned mine before that person disappeared.

The King of the Southern Wilderness was so angry that he vomited blood. "Cheng Qingyao!"