None of the Grandmasters had ever heard of such a young Senior Martial Master.

Their faces were filled with shock as they stared at Yang Qi, unable to speak for a long time.

Xu Mu looked at the shocked Grandmasters and smiled.

“Do you all think that Yang Qi is a Senior Martial Master?”

All the grandmasters were stunned and looked at Xu Mu with doubt.

With a combat strength of 40 000, he should be a Senior Martial Master!

A Primary Grandmaster possessed a first tier Bull Power, and a first tier Bull Power weighed 75 000 kg.


They knew that it was impossible for Yang Qi to be a Primary Grandmaster.

“What if I told you that Yang Qi is only an Intermediate Martial Master?”

“Intermediate Martial Master?”

The Grandmasters in the hall were stunned for a moment, then they understood what was going on.

“Lord Xu Mu, you mean Yang Qi has a Spiritual Body?”

“That’s right!”


Grandmaster Xu Mu said.

All the Martial Grandmasters looked at each other in surprise.

He was a genius!

One had to know that in the vast Linhai Base, there had never been a Martial Artist with a Spiritual Body before.

The Grandmasters finally understood why Lord Xu Mu said that it was not enough when Yang Qi attacked with his combat strength of 20 000 kg.

It turned out that he was an Intermediate Martial Master with a Spiritual Body!“Do you think that’s all there is to Yang Qi?”

Xu Mu suddenly said.

The Grandmasters were shocked once more. Yang Qi having a Spiritual Body was enough to shock them to the extreme. Could he still have other terrifying aspects?

“Yang Qi, show them how extraordinary you are.”


Yang Qi nodded.


He drew the Red Fire Prisoner Bull Blade from his back.

“Slash Point + 10.”

“Slash Point + 10.”

“Slash Point + 10.”

The Super Slash Arts could increase the speed of the sabre drawing by a hundred times!

Within a few moments, Yang Qi’s hand speed had reached its limit!

In the main hall, terrifying sabre lights kept sweeping out.

The sound of the sabre also began to ring out incessantly!

All the Grandmasters were flabbergasted as they looked at the scene before them in disbelief.

“What kind of hand speed is this?”

“Combined Level One, this must be Combined Level One!”

“Spiritual Body, Combined Level One, why have I never heard of such a terrifying genius before?”magic

Not only them, even Xu Mu, who was sitting on the throne, was stunned.He had seen Yang Qi draw his sabre before, and he already knew how fast he was, but he didn’t expect him to be even faster than before.

This was too fast!

Moreover, he found that as Yang Qi drew his sabre, his combat power kept growing like crazy.

“Why do I notice that Yang Qi’s combat power is growing?”

“I also noticed.”

How did he do it? He could increase his combat strength just by drawing his sabre?”

The Grandmasters in the hall also noticed that Yang Qi could increase his combat strength by repeatedly drawing his sabre. They were all tongue-tied, as if they had seen something that could never happen in this world.

Yang Qi then stopped drawing his sabre.

He placed the Red Fire Prisoner Bull Blade into the system space.

“Lord Xu Mu, are you satisfied?”

Yang Qi looked at Xu Mu, who was sitting on the throne.

“I am very satisfied!”

Xu Mu said excitedly.

“Yang Qi, I think you will become a Senior Martial Master soon, right?”

“That should be the case.”

Yang Qi nodded and said.

The Grandmasters were shocked when they heard this. Although they were all Martial Grandmasters, and the gap between them and Yang Qi was still too great, they understood that it wouldn’t be long before Yang Qi caught up to them.

Could he be a super genius?

They finally understood why Lord Xu Mu allowed Yang Qi to enter the Linhai Council.


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