Chapter 44  : Scared! Scared!

Sheng Youting threw the cigarette on the deck and smashed it with his foot, “Oh, you would think a servant who could neither speak nor write wouldn’t be a threat to you, all right? However, the poisoned mute rural servant learnt how to read and write later. She wrote down how your pushed Yu Lan’s mom downstairs and how Wen Ruyu, your mom poisoned her mute...”

Yu Yi cried and begged for mercy, “Youting! It had been so many years! I beg you to forgive me! For the sake of my love on you for so many years!”

Yu Yi’s head was a total mess now when she suddenly knew that the murder once committed by her was known by people. She didn’t know what to do next. She had no other alternatives but to beg for mercy.

Sheng Youting had people pulled Yu Yi up to the boat. Yu Yi thought he planned to let her go. However, Sheng Youting looked at her coldly, “Qibao is a little kid. She is two years old. Yet, you cut her one blade. Your age is 20 times that of hers. I will cut you 20 knives. It’s fair enough.”

After the words, Sheng Youting slightly lifted his chin up to signal the bodyguard. The bodyguard cut Yu Yi 20 blades in her loud screams.


Yu Yi was extremely frightened and shrank to the corner, “Youting, I’m scared. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me!”

Sheng Youting burst into laughter on hearing her words, “Of course, I won’t kill you. You, a killer, who have experienced a lot. What would you be sacred of? Qibao is just two years old. Won’t she be afraid when you beat her? Isn’t she beg you not to beat her? However, do you listen to her?”

“Youting! Youting! I’m wrong! I’m wrong! Please forgive me!” Yu Yi was soaked in blood and kowtowed on the deck for mercy.

“You need to accept the punishment if you are wrong. Do not beg for mercy. After all, I’m not your parents or your ancestors who may have the obligation to forgive you. Qibao don’t have a good skin all over her body, not even her palm and sole. She would shake when she falls asleep at night. I also want you to suffer what she has been through. I want you to suffer even more, so what? I find it hard to get it even by just multiply the 20 times, so...”

Sheng Youting waved his hand, and the bodyguards threw Yu Yi into the sea again. Then a large tub of fishes was pulled into the sea. Yu Yi’s hair got stick together and she was in a total mess. She tried opened her eyes wide to see the man on the deck, “Youting, are you freeing the captive animals? Are you going to free me here too? Youting, I beg you. I beg you to take me back!”

“Piranha.” Sheng Youting managed a cold smile, “How you abuse Qibao, I will get it even on a multiple times basis. 20 times. It’s fair enough! Don’t you ever think of me handing over you to the police, and let you just end in the jail for several years and pay a small amount of money! I don’t want your money. I just want eye for eye!”


Piranhas got extremely excited on smelling the blood!

Yu Yi hurt since her wounds were soaked in the sea water. Her fear grew ever more when the teeth of the Piranhas stuck in her flesh. She feared that she would end up in a hollow skeleton!

When she was totally immersed in the sea, two piranhas bit hard on her face. She opened her mouth immediately and screamed. Sea water kept entering into her mouth. Now she ached everywhere. What was more, the fear was driving her crazy!

Yu Yi was pulled out of the sea. She was badly mutilated with several piranhas hanging on her body, unwilling to loose their mouths. She couldn’t help shivering.

“Scared?” Sheng Youting asked.

“Scared! Scared, Youting! I’m scared!”

“En, it’s right to feel scared. It’s exactly what I want. Only if you get scared can I achieve my aim. I want you to be haunted by nightmares like Qibao. I want you to shiver the whole night when you fall asleep and even sob in light voices occasionally.”

Along with horrifying cries, Yu Yi was thrown into the sea again. This time, large pieces of her flesh were bitten off by the fish. She was cruelly thrown to the fish until she was at her last gasp.

There was a mysterious island in high seas. Living in the island were bunches of aborigines who couldn’t understand languages. Sheng Youting let people threw Yu Yi on the island and let her perish by herself.