Chapter 2  

Chapter 2   – Hell, Tong and Friday

The realm of Hell, the realm that were created by to contained the certain fallen angel by the gods . This place were currently used for torturing the grave sinners who committed various crimes, or went against the commandments of the gods, or not following the moral codes of society in their previous life when they were human .

There were 9 levels separating different levels and types of the sinners . The higher the level, the more severe of the crime and the sins they committed . Each level contained different kinds of punishments waiting for new sinners . It also trapped the residents here for the rest of eternity, unless any kind savior would come to pardon them from their crimes .

The fifth level of Hell was called the hell of wraith . It contained sinners that committed any crime out of hatred . There were no clean ground on this level but muddy and slimy stinking black swamp, AKA the river Styx . Anyone who touched this water would be overwhelmed with anger or drunk by hatred . They would lose their sanity and assault anything and everything that could move . There were over millions of naked people roaming here . Men, women alike, were busying tearing each other apart, while several devils were flying around to oversee their respective responsibility zone . No matter how many times the sinners died or how many times their bodies were militated, they would always be resurrected and healed . It was made so the sinners could suffer eternal pain .

There were also several grotesque rocks in the water . The rocks, which looked like they were made out of human fresh, intestines and blood vessels, were popping up to the surface of the water and then dove back into the water as if they were alive . Some rocks actually had mouth and teeth . One of them opened its mouth to take a bite on one of the sinners . It chewed loudly and fiercely over and over again, then spat out whatever left in its mouth, and dove back into the swamp .

In this floor, a mud-soak dirty naked man were standing in the knee-high swamp, holding a disfigured head by the eye sockets, were slamming the unknown head into the lying limbless man’s body on the mud water .


The man was called Tong . He was one of the sinner who murdered someone in his previous life out of hatred . He was an honest policeman who just graduated from the military police school . Unfortunately during his life, he accidentally offended a teenage-immature-son of a prominent politician in a nightclub while Tong was doing his job .

Ping, the prodigal son of the politician took revenge by killing both Tong’s parents . After he was arrested just for half a day, Ping got out of jail scot-free without any charge .

The incident published in the news and several social media . Everyone knew that the prominent politician was behind the release . But none of the official, judge or attorney were willing to go against Ping and his father . Several news station even reported that the death of Tong’s parents was an accident . Ping even mocked Tong in the live press conference in the news station he owned .

Tong flied into rage . He stormed into the politician’s resident, killed Ping and his mother, and crippled the politician before he was shot to death by the resident bodyguards .

. . .

"St-Stop, please . I-I’m sorry . Please stop already . "


The limbless body cried .

"Hmm . Nope . Sorry bitch . I need to kill you another 349 times more to hit the current quota . I only killed you 651 times this afternoon . There is also the dinner quota, the night quota, the mid-night one, the after mid-night and the dawn . So ... do your best . "

Tong smiled happily .

Unlike the other sinners, Tong was the only one that was smiling and laughing . He was currently one of the two sinners that was sober from the swamp toxic . Although every other sinners were still poisoned and drunk by the swamp, they instinctively avoided and tried to not get themselves noticed by Tong . The other sinner, which was immune to the swamp, was none other than the limbless man, which were being pummeled by Tong .

Ironically, the limbless man was Ping . He also suffered the consequences of killing Tong’s parents .

"I still don’t understand . What’s the fun of beating the same guy over and over for a millennia?"

A cheerful female voice sounded behind Tong . Behind him, a gorgeous white jaded-like skin female devil, who were wearing sunglasses and two pieces of skin-revealing-bikinis, were chilling on the beach chair on the back of a luxurious super yacht . She sipped the cocktail in her hands deliciously as if the rotten odor of the swamp of the river Styx didn’t exist .

"The same question right back at you . What’s the fun of cruising in the middle of the river Styx? All you can see here are a bunch of naked lunatics and flying hyenas . "

Tong didn’t bother looking back at the devil . He was used to her presence . Tong had been here for over 450,000 years of Hell calendar, and he came across many kinds of devils, angels and monster-looking-alike residences . The devil girl behind his back, who called herself Friday, had always visited him at least once a day . Sometimes she remained with him for the whole day .

For some reason the Friday always came to show off her model like figured and her 36D assets . When Tong first had seen her, he couldn’t help but had a natural chemistry reaction on his crotch . However, when he witnessed a random male sinner tried to assault Friday and got blown by her into smithereens . After the assailant was resurrected, she dragged the poor sod onto her ship to repeatedly castrate him . It continued for days and nights . The similar incidents happened every times a male sinner lustfully charged at Friday or accidentally got on Friday’s yacht . Tong’s lust was completely killed . He became immune to Friday’s seduction ever since .

"Hey, it’s fun to have someone to talk to, you know? Do you know how boring it is be by myself without someone to talk to for a million years? Everybody here acts like zombies in those B grade movies . My fellow devils all have poop in their brains . Some of them had nothing but P*n*s and Vagi** . You are the only sane person I can talk freely to in this hell . "

"Then how about you talk to this dude instead of me . "

Tong pointed at Ping .

Friday glanced at Ping . Even though Ping was also immune to the river Styx toxic, her eyes and face didn’t hide the disgust feeling toward him .

"No way in hell I’m talking to that mess of a fresh . His EQ and IQ even lower than a pile of the imp’s shit . I have my standard of who I want to make friends with, you know?"

Friday pouted . She waved her hand, and Ping was thrown into a rock mouth nearby . The rock opened its mouth and caught Ping happily . Ping got brutally chewed afterwards .

"Joking aside, I have something important to tell you . Come up here and take a shower . You stinks . "

Tong stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Friday suspiciously on the super yacht .

"You are not going to castrate me, right?"

"...Why did you ask me that?"

"Answer my question, please . "



"...Don’t worry, I won’t . "

"What the hell with that pause!? You were planning to do it, didn’t you?"

"I-I swear I didn’t . I really have serious business to tell you!"

"And why is it in the past tense? You weren’t actually planning to but you are planning to do it now, right?"

"Why are you so paranoid!? I seriously didn’t, don’t and won’t do it!"

"But you were staring at my naked crotch and avoided my eye contact every times I talk to you face to face . What the hell are you planning?"


Tong knew that Friday was really serious . But he still messed around with her . He too, was dying out of boredom . He needed someone make a random conversation with to keep his sanity .

Tong and Friday ended up bickering at each other for a while . Finally, Tong agreed to enter the yacht to take a bath before he crossed the line, or Friday would get too angry . Bathing after 450,000 years refreshed him . He donned in a clean white robe and sat down on the bed in a double bedroom . Friday was already there waiting for him . She sat down on the bed opposite side of him .

"So what’s the deal?" Tong asked .

"There’s an opportunity for you to get out of this hell . "


"It’s like this ..."

Friday explained . Once every 100,000 Hell calendar years, the gods and devils always hold a redemption program for a sinner who behaved properly and shown sign of repent of his/her sins . The sinner, Tong, would be chosen to take part and redeem himself that he deserved to be with the gods .

The program was a trial that the sinner had to reincarnate into a mortal human once more . This time the gods would allowed the sinner to retain the memories of his previous life . And the gods also gave the right to create a personal skill that could be taken along . During his new life, the gods would judge Tong if he was using his knowledge and his created skill for the greater goods or not . If he did so, all the crimes he did in the previous life before he came to hell would be pardoned, and he would have the right to become a resident in the realm of the gods .

"The program will be held in about 149 years from now . I’m telling you this in advanced so you can be prepared . "

Tong nodded . The program was good to him . He was sick of this place anyway . The reason he repeatedly beat up Ping was to intimidate other sinners to stay away from Tong . He, too, didn’t want to suffer pain or death from being continuously killed and resurrected . However, he was still skeptical about the small details .

"It sounds good at glance . But how am I going to prepare myself when I’m in hell?"

Friday smiled brightly .

"Don’t worry . I’ve prepared everything just for you . "

Friday stood up and walk to an empty area in the bed room . She waved her hand and a rectangular transparent case, showing computer components inside, appeared out of thin air . On one of the components, the brand "MVIDIA" were inscribed on the outer layer . Then she waved her hand again . A long curve monitor appeared this time . Then she nimbly arranged the cables and plugs . Then a complete PC, a monitor, a mouse and a PC table landed there on the previous empty spot . The whole processed took only 2 seconds to complete .

"... . "

"How is it? Speechless right?"

"...Yes, I’m speechless . "

"Hahaha, now do you know great I am . "

"Yes, yes, you are great . Which bring me a question ..."

"Ask away . "

"You always said you were bored and had nothing to do, right?"


"Had it come to your mind that you could always create this thing to kill your times instead of rolling around kept coming back to me and complain that you had nothing to do?"




"Don’t "Ah" me!"

. . .

"I have another question . "

"Ask away . "

"Don’t you have the red branded graphic card? The green one sucks . "

" . . . No, you suck . "

. . .

A few minutes later after the awkward moments .

"There’s even the internet in hell . "

Tong was flabbergasted . The image of devils and hell in his mind was cracked after he got on to this yacht and experienced Friday and her luxurious life style . Looking at Friday nearby, another PC set were placed there . Friday were wearing a headphone and a VR, screaming and waving her controllers around . If he were to see a city full of devils, living the life like humans, Tong was sure he would lose his mind .

"So, now we have the internet . What should I be looking for or researching for the remaining 149 years?"

Friday pulled away her VR and headphone . Her face was solemn . She looked straight into Tong’s eyes for moment, then she closed her eyes and frown . She seemed to be deep in thought . She remained in that motion for 5 minutes, then she snapped open her eyes .

"What I’m telling now is supposed to be an inside information . Don’t you tell anyone!"

Friday whispered . Tong nodded . He had no friend here in hell other than Friday anyway .

"You will be reborn into a citizen of the ancient China . The year of your birth should be around 165 AD . "

"Reincarnate into the past?"

"You can say that . Ever heard of Romance of the Three Kingdoms?"

"I’m familiar with it . It’s that era?"

"Yes . It will be a chaotic time when you grow up into an adult there . The trial will be impossibly difficult because there will be killing and wars for a long period of time . "

Tong frown deeply . The trial would judge the behavior of the sinner . If he were to kill someone again, would he be sent back to hell? Why would the gods send him there? It didn’t make any sense .

Friday continued whispering .

"Secondly, the trial is a hoax . There will be no judge or any karma involve . You will only need to survive . "

"Wait . Wh-!"

Friday hurriedly closed Tong mouth .

"Don’t shout . Ears are everywhere here . "

Tong nodded .

"That’s why the skill that you get to create will affect your entire life . So create something that gives you more chance to survive . Something like a defensive skill . "

"I was planning to create something like a search engine system that can access the modern internet . So it is a no-go?"

"That was unnecessary . Why do you think I’m giving you access to the internet?"

Tong smacked his forehead . Friday was right . He could memorize the related content and necessary information right now, for example, how to manage the crop rotation or gunpowder formula . Everything could be learnt if he put his time on it and paid attention to it . He had over 140 years to cram everything into his brain and soul . He would waste the precious cheat for nothing if he wished for a search engine .

"A defensive skill, huh?"

Tong’s brain started working after was not intensively used for over 450,000 years . He tried to think of something that could be used as an attack skill . At the same time, it could be used as a fail-safe defensive skill too .

Seeing that Tong was being deep in thought . Friday was in a daze . Then she was fidgeting . Her face were tinge red . She hesitated a moment before she asked .

"Tong, can I ask you for a favor?"

Tong snapped out of his thought and looked at Friday .

"Sure, you kind of risk yourself to help me . It’s me that owing you a favor . "

"T-Then, could you ... could you live ... I meant could you stay on the ship with me until you are sent to the trial?"

Tong paused and observed Friday . Her face was red to her ears . Her eyes were moist to the point that he thought she was crying . He was not that inexperience when it came to the relationship between man and woman . All sign shown that a flag had been raised . But he could also misunderstand her intention and got himself a friendzone flag at the same time .

’I am an idiot . I was too paranoid after all . ’

It wasn’t hard to tell that Friday was sincere . Thinking back of the older days, Friday always came to talked to him every opportunity she had, but not to other sinners, and hardly to other devils .

Tong had always thought that Friday was an evil devil who were trying to seduce random man into a trap of endless tortures . He started to regret what he treated Friday in the past .

Tong smiled .

"Okay . If you don’t mind . "

Friday smiled widely . From Tong’s perspective, it was the brightest and the most beautiful smile he had ever seen in his life .