Chapter 002 Jun Moxie

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Jun Moxie, currently sixteen years old, he is the only descendant of the younger generation of the Jun Clan of Tianxiang Kingdom; an idle, indolent, useless freeloader, scum of society and super level debauchee. Simply put, he is typical parasitic worm with no value or reason to keep alive!

That sums up the general information regarding the new identity that Jun Xie has taken up after transmigrating here.

No wonder your body was taken over by me. I was given the name Jun Xie and the nickname “Evil Monarch”. On the other hand, you were given the name Moxie; are you not ashamed? There is no injustice in this at all.

[TL: This is another Chinese pinyin matter. Jun Moxie’s character Moxie is “mò xié” which means “do no evil”.]

As he recalled the memories of Young Master Jun and all his actions in the past, Jun Xie let out a deep sigh. If he were to meet such a scum in his past life, he would have ‘voluntarily’ killed him. Of all the bodies he could have taken over, why did it have to be this dreg of society? Jun Xie could not help but remember a phrase in Buddha’s teachings regarding the laws of cause and effect: If a person is to kill too many pigs, then that person will be reincarnated as a pig in the next life. It seems there is some truth to these words after all; the amount of scums that Jun Xie has killed in his past life indeed makes up a considerable sum!


This debauchee’s grandfather, Jun Zhan Tian is a highly decorated Grand Duke and a very powerful military figure of the kingdom. His father, Jun Wu Hui was a great general of the kingdom, but he fell in battle ten years ago. His mother died of depression one year after that while both his brothers Jun Mo You and Jun Mo Chou died a heroic death in a war three years ago.

Another uncle, Jun Wuyi was also seriously wounded in the war ten years ago. Although he survived, he was paralyzed from the waist down...

A great clan, which was once brimming with valiant heroes, has now fallen to this sorry state of almost losing its final successor. The final successor, Jun Moxie ended up losing his body to Jun Xie. Thankfully, he was able to maintain his identity as a member of the Jun family. Should Jun Xie ever father any children in the future, then that child will theoretically be another successor of the Jun family’s bloodline. Perhaps, this was Heaven’s grace towards the Jun family.

Since this is Heaven’s will, then I will consider the fact that we are both of the ‘Jun’ descent and face the situation for you. Jun Xie grinned while shrugging: Truth be told, I really do not want to. To have this kind of crappy body and shitty reputation, I can only imagine the amount of suffering I will have to face due to this.

(Jun Moxie’s lingering spirit shouted in indignation: “You think I want this?! You cheap bastard!!!”)

Opening the door, Jun Xie stepped outside where there is sunlight. Facing the brilliant rays of light emitted by the sun, Jun Xie sighed. The sun remains the same old sun, but I am already not me. Jun Moxie is not Jun Xie!


However, my heart remains the heart of a ‘Jun’! So what if I’m in another world?!

The two maids who were standing before the door, bowed and greeted: “Young Master.”

Jun Xie lightly nodded his head as he checked his surroundings. Observing the other four maids who were busy with something not far away, he could not help but shake his head.

Jun Xie looked around; other young masters’ are waited upon by enchanting beauties, but those who wait upon him are all at the level of aunties! The only exception would be the eleven year old Lolita. Thinking back, these maids were all arranged by his grandfather. These maids all share one noticeable feature, they are very healthy and robust. Just look at those muscular legs, they could put a tree to shame...

“What are they are doing?” Lifting his head, he indicated with his chin towards several maids in the distant, Jun Xie asked.

“They’re... helping Young Master feed the birds and dogs as well as those fighting beasts ... ” an older maid replied, lowering her head.

“Oh?” Jun Xie strolled over to the area. Hmm, what an exotic sight to behold. Seven to eight cages were placed in an orderly manner above jardinières each, containing several different colored birds hopping around in a lively manner. Not far away, a few large dogs were lying on the ground with their tongues jutting out; each and every one has shit for brains. Some distance away, the sound of crickets could be heard issuing out from several bamboos some distance away. From the sound it is making, it seems these are some rare breed with high-grade fighting skills...

It seems the original young master had a very diverse range of hobby; there was actually a cage beside housing two colourful hissing snakes.

Jun Xie frowned in disgust as he observed his surroundings: “Find someone to sell all these away as soon as possible. Those that can’t be sold, just throw them away. Either that or just kill them for their meat! Placing them here will make people sick; this is a human residential area, not a zoo!”

What? !

Hearing those words, the six maids and the little Lolita following Jun Xie had their eyes bulge out in surprise! They raised their heads and stared in stupor at their young master. At that moment, all seven of them had the same line of thought: Did the Young Master go mad today? These were all bought at an incredibly exorbitant price! These are your precious treasures! What, you want to sell it all away today and buy it back again tomorrow?!

“Oh, don’t sell those snakes. I’ll use them for soup when I return,” Jun Xie walked ahead without looking back.


They continued walking through a garden, several pavilions, a drill field, then went around a very big pond; he then walked for another half a long hour through a road amidst two rows of trees before reaching Granpa Jun’s residence. Jun Xie discovered that his own residence and Grandpa Jun’s residence are located on the south and north respectively. If one were to measure the distance between them in a straight line, it would likely amount to roughly six li.

It seems that the present size of his clan is quite big! If memories served, this should be the capital of this kingdom. For the clan to have a residence with an area of several tens of mǔ in the capital, excluding the imperial palace, there are probably only a small handful of families who could achieve the same feat.

[TL: “Long hour” or “shíchén” is 2 hours of standard time. One “lǐ” is 0.3 miles or 0.5 km. One “mǔ” is roughly 666.6 meters square.]

Grandpa Jun was seated behind his desk, even though he is over sixty years of age, he still possess shiny black hair, looking at him one would mistake him for someone in his forties. His majestic countenance was filled with helplessness as he watched his grandson lazily entered in a feeble manner, he almost lost his temper.

Jun Zhan Tian was born poor, he then became a general in his youth, fighting throughout the world, his name brought terror to the military forces of every kingdoms. Not only does he possess superior military tactics, he was also one of the few within Tianxiang Kingdom with the cultivation level of Earth Xuan Rank. Endowed with a profound steadiness in character, he can maintain a calm exterior regardless of joy or fury.

His ability to rise from poverty to a general in youth alone proved his capabilities. How many can replicate this feat? How long does it take one to become a general? And yet, he managed to climb up there in his youth!

Jun Zhan Tian fought his way from a lowly pauper until he became a highly decorated Grand Duke, the time it took for him to accomplish this was a good forty years. Even though it is said that the flow of time creates heroes, but based on the history of the continent, the number of such heroes are far and few in between. However, whenever he gazed upon his one and only grandson, he felt helpless; his development had been nothing short of a let down.

Grandpa Jun really could not figure out how his family lineage in addition to the high level of management can give birth to this worthless scum! This brat knows neither literary nor martial arts, he will become giddy once he picks up a book, and disappears faster than a magic rabbit when he hears the word practice. Other families grandsons are perfect, having made a name for themselves at a young age, their cultivation of Xuan Qi is on the right track, with a minimum of Fifth level or above. On the other hand, his own precious grandson has forced five teachers to quit, and his cultivation of Xuan Qi is only at a miserable Third level...

He was already such a disappointing figure, but he also taught himself how to eat, drink, gamble and visit prostitutes, becoming a reputed genius in these areas! Grandpa Jun was a hero of his time, and yet he ended up with such a kind of grandson...

Sighing weakly, Grandpa Jun recalled his other two grandchildren; if only they were still alive... he then let out a self-deprecating laugh. If those two were still alive, would he have pampered this one and only surviving bloodline until this point?

Back when he heard that his son Wu Hui was killed in battle, he stoically endured without crying, he even boasted that his son was a brave hero. When his two grandchildren Mo You and Mo Chou too died in the battlefield, he once again held back his tears as his grandsons were valiant heroes! Then, Wuyi was crippled for life, causing tears to run down his eyes for the first time. Nonetheless, his heart was still glad because there is still hope. By luck, he still has a grandson, the Jun family bloodline can continue... Unfortunately, the grandson turns out to be a little bastard, a smear on the walls that can not be developed in any manner!

What can I do about it?

“I heard you fell off the bed last night? And you ended up fainting? Is that true?!” Jun Zhan Tian dismissively asked as he hid his emotions.

“Huh?” Jun Xie raised his head, his heart was partially doubtful, but he finally started to understand. Through the memories left in his mind, he could answer any question except this one. In fact, this question had been constantly lingering in his mind. When he woke up this morning, he did not find anything out of the ordinary with this body, so how did he end up transmigrating to this body? At this moment, he was able to vaguely guess that this bastard must have fallen off his bed while sleeping and ended up being killed by the fall...

This person is truly a champion amongst debauchee’s, one worth idolizing! To think that it is actually possible to die from falling off the bed!

Jun Xie’s heart was filled with sincere admiration; an expert such as this is one that must be treated with respect!

“What huh huh?” Grandpa Jun pounded the table, staring at him, seeing Jun Xie’s slothful figure he could not stop himself from shouting. “You worthless thing, you don’t even realize that someone was trying to assassinate you! If it were not for the protection I arranged for you, by now you’re probably having an audience with King Yama! Look at you, can’t you tell me anything at all?”

[TL: King Yama is King of Hell.]

It turns out that this kid was assassinated! Jun Xie secretly curled his mouth: Your so called ‘protection’ is only so-so, your dear grandson has already left this world while being under your ‘protection’.

Observing Jun Xie’s reaction, Grandpa Jun’s heart was surprised, considering this idiot’s cowardly nature, how could he remain so quiet? Back then, if he heard that someone was trying to assassinate him, he would be making a huge fuss. Now instead, all he did was stand there looking slightly pale, seemingly unbothered, in addition... his body was emanating a faint aura of coldness.

Am I seeing things now? Grandpa Jun was unable to believe that such a chilling aura could appear from this disappointing grandson’s body!