July 5th, 3100, China’s capital city, noon, the fierce sun like fire.

Yun Feng (雲風) shook his head that was already covered in sweat droplets, glancing at the intense sun above his head and complaining. Up until know, he’d been standing under this ruthless sun for one whole hour. Looking forward at the nearing counter, he comforted himself and let out a sigh, grumbling in a low voice: “Alas, if it wasn’t for my stubborn little sister, I wouldn’t come for this torture for generations. Men with little sisters really can’t afford to be injured.”

Today is already the 30th day that the gaming equipment for “Shen Yue”(Mystic Moon) was released, naturally the extent of the crowd of people receiving the gaming equipment cannot compare to the first half of the month. Even so, when Yun Feng got there, the massive queue still scared him enough that he nearly turned around and left. Finally in the end he bit his teeth and stood at the end of the line, moving forward one step at a time in torment.

After the signing of the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention”, international conflicts were to be solved with combat in the virtual game world. But, there are countless virtual reality games in the world, for fairness, the “Convention” is updated every ten year. The content of the update is only the designated virtual game world. Which means that in the next ten years, if there is a problem that needs to use fighting to settle it, it can only be done in the designated game world to decide the outcome. This would evidently cause the game designated by the “Convention” to sweep across the entire world, even to cause the countries to greatly encourage citizens to enter the game and expend large amounts of financial resources and effort to build up the overall level of players along with most importantly, the top tier players. Besides the few pacifistic small countries, most of the countries are like this. Over time, small scale virtual reality games slowly fell out of favor. In the end, besides the designated virtual reality games, all the other virtual reality games quietly disappeared, because, humanity only needs one “second world”.

As for the newly updated “Convention”, its new designated game is “Shen Yue” that still has two days before it goes online. Therefore, promotions related to “Shen Yue” covered the world’s corners, the Chinese government was also strongly promoting it. At the same time, like the previous chosen virtual reality games, the gaming equipment for “Shen Yue” is all completely free. When you go to receive it you only need to bring a DNA sample like hair, nail, etc, when you receive it the equipment will bind your DNA so only you can use it.

The reason “Shen Yue” is named so, the official explanation is: “The map for the world of “Shen Yue” is a near perfect crescent moon, eastern players will start at the east of the new moon, and western players will start at the west of the crescent moon. It is named ‘Shen Yue’ according to the beautiful shape of the map.”

The scorching sunlight tested Yun Feng’s near gone patience, his hand holding a strand of his sister’s hair. He grimaced in pain as he moved forward with the line, occasionally turning his head to look at the long line behind him to find some psychological comfort. As the eldest son of the president of China’s second biggest financial group, usually no matter what he wanted to do it was just a matter of opening his mouth, from when he was just a kid, this is actually the first time that he’s stopped under the intense sun for so long.



Finally, in front of me stood only three people, Yun Feng once again let out a small sigh. Glancing at the receptionist, even though she was sweating profusely she still showed a professional smile. He mumbled quietly: “Looks pretty nice, but compared to my sister, she’s virtually nothing.” (TL: Shame on you dirty minded people. He’s just making an observation. Tsk Tsk)

After a glance, he lost interest in continuing to look, randomly swinging his head, suddenly, his eyesight became fixed, mouth opened slightly, uncontrollably letting out a cry: “What a cute girl!”

What he saw was a face of pure beauty, a girl just like an angel. He believed that no matter who saw her, they would all be amazed and captured by her delicate face of almost surreal beauty. She looked to be already 15, 16 years old, holding onto a stick of ice cream that was just as white as her skin, eating it sweetly. The corners of her mouth forming a light smile that would melt you heart, her eyes that blinked from time to time were like shining crystals. He was confident, never in his life time had he seen such pure eyes.

The image in his vision so beautiful it seemed unreal, Yun Feng’s vision actually became sluggish for a while... she was like an angel that walked out of a picture, her beauty and pureness shouldn’t belong in this world, because this’s world’s polluted air would only dirty her.

Behind him came a light push, only then did Yun Feng awaken from his stupor. He quickly moved forward a small step, lined up behind the last two people in front of him. Yun Feng shook his head, looking at the girl again... he only now noticed, that girl was surprisingly sitting in a wheelchair.


Such a beautiful girl, once she grows up she might even be above Meng Xing. Un... wheelchair? This girl, is she maybe sick, or maybe has a disability?


That abnormally pale face...


Yun Feng’s pupil slightly contracted... he was certain, that girl was infected with the world’s most terrifying disease...Isrock.

“Sigh, should you say that god is just, or simply cruel... giving her a face that is destined to become a startling beauty, but having to take away her life so early. ” Yun Feng secretly sighed, taking back his gaze of pity, a little unbearable to again look at the girl whose life was doomed to wither early, then taking a look at the person pushing her forward.

The moment he saw that person’s face, it was like Yun Feng has been struck by lightning, he stood there absolutely stunned.

That is a young man who looks to be in the early 20s, a tall frame, his facial features very sharp and defined, faintly emitting a pressing aura. He pushes the wheel chair moving forward, his footsteps slow and uniform, afraid that his movements would be too large alarming the girl in front. Seemingly sensing Yun Feng’s stare, his face suddenly turned around, immediately, Yun Feng saw a pair of eyes as cold as a dead star, the moment his eyesight focused on him, he even felt as though his eyes had been pricked by a sharp sword.

The man’s gaze only stopped on him for a split second before retracting his eyes, refocusing on the girl in front, along with it, his look also became very soft...that is the look of a person looking at the most important person in their life.

This person... this look... he... he is...

“Big brother, ice cream.” The girl turned around, raising up high the slightly eaten ice cream, putting it at the man’s lips. The man smiled slightly, slightly lowered his head, taking a small bite from where the girl had left a lip print. The girl smile innocently, taking back the ice cream and then biting the area the man had just bitten before.

Yun Feng was horrified, almost unable to resist charging at them. Even though there were continuously less people infected with Isrock after the development of the vaccine, and the spreading of it was also greatly controlled. But, even if you received the vaccine you would not be 100% safe. That girl clearly has contracted Isrock, is that man not afraid of getting infected... Isrock is spread through all kinds of body fluids, even spit, this is common knowledge even for children!

“Big brother, let’s get home faster okay, it’s so hot outside and I’m worried that my sweat is going to dirty the shirt brother just washed for me.

“Un (嗯), sure.”

The duo’s figures and voices were gradually leaving Yun Feng further away, Yun Feng’s eyes followed them in the direction they were heading, he was not looking at the overly refined girl, but at the man.

Are they siblings?

Wait! What am I thinking!

Yun Feng knocked on his head, when he brought his head back up, the man was already very far from him, vanishing at the corner of the street while pushing the wheelchair.


In front of him stood the last person before him, the one hour that he suffered through was about to bare fruit. Shaking the warm sweat on his head, Yun Feng was so anxious that his mouth started twitching, finally with a bite of his teeth, he ran out of the queue, quickly running in the direction that the man vanished.

“Is this guy an idiot?” The fatty lined behind Yun Feng the whole time stared at his back, mumbling a bit. Right when it was almost his turn after enduring through such torture, he actually just left like that. If there’s nothing wrong with him what else could it be?

Running to the corner, Yun Feng once more saw the silhouette of the man, he let out a long breath, but thinking about his abnormal, sharp gaze from last time, he didn’t dare to get too close. Instead, he followed behind from far away, carefully looking at their figures advance.

About ten minutes later, the man pushed the girl entering a high end villa section. Yun Feng was surprised for a bit, but then let out an understanding chuckle... how could a person of his level lack money.

Still not daring to follow too closely, Yun Feng did not enter the area, continuing to wait for the two figures to disappear from his sight, after that he charged into the community’s security room, asking politely: “Uncle, what number villa do the siblings just now live in? It’s like this, I want to get to know that little girl, hehe (嘿嘿)...” Yun Feng pretended to give a shy laugh after he was done talking.

The old uncle glanced at him, immediately showing an expression of understanding. He turned his face, shaking his head saying: “They live in number 12, but I advise you to stop thinking about that girl. Sigh (唉) that girl is outrageously pretty, but her life is too harsh. Her father is a doctor, specifically interacting with Isrock patients, if you stand by the river often, how can you not get your shoes wet. A few years ago, her father eventually became infected, it’s just that at that time he and his family didn’t know. By the time they found out, that girl’s mother along with herself had all been infected... Two years ago her father and mother died in succession. leaving behind just the two brother and sister. The two siblings moved here after the death of their parents, maybe the father left a large heritage before going. Sigh, anyway, if you still want to live for another two years then don’t have any thoughts about the girl. Nobody is willing to get close to the number 12 villa she lives in, even the people that lived in the nearby villas moved away afraid to come back. Once you are infected by that illness, death is guaranteed. Actually it’s admirable the girl’s brother, taking care of a little sister that has Isrock and still never abandoning her, although he surprisingly hasn’t been infected.

The old uncle let out multiple sighs, clearly feeling sorry for the girl’s fate.

So it is Isrock... Yun Feng nodded his head, shouting: “Thanks uncle”, and then ran away unable to wait under the uncle’s strange stare.