Chapter 967   World Authority

“This can’t be! I already killed you for certain, so how could you...?”

Aragon looked at Ghostly Walker in horror, eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why are you surprised? If you can do it, why can’t I?”

Ghostly Walker waved his hand casually, creating a powerful force that pushed Li Yi and the others ten meters away.

He was even stronger than Aragon!

Ghostly Walker walked toward Aragon, who was so terrified that he began to rub his hands together quickly.


“Creation Authority— Life Replication!”

A bolt of divine light shone at the ground, and the white substance stood up again. This time, however, it did not go as smoothly as it had when he had replicated Li Yi and company. The white substance struggled for a long time, but it simply could not turn into Ghostly Walker’s image.

Ghostly Walker harrumphed coldly. “The Ruler of God is the only one of its kind. Auld, how could you dream of replicating me? What a joke.”

The Mountain was stunned. “The Ruler of God? This brat is the Ruler of God?”

Li Yi fell silent. He had obtained plenty of useful information from the murals on the walls of the inner hall, and with this newest development, he could already begin to piece together the truth.

Aragon was the Ruler of God, but so was Ghostly Walker. Both of them were definitely the Ruler of God, but the difference between them was that Ghostly Walker had been the first Ruler of God, whereas Aragon had killed him and taken the throne.


That was right. Ghostly Walker was none other than the first god ever created by the Creator God 創世神, the real Omega, the King of the Pantheon!

This was why the Ruler of God’s Armor had rejected Aragon. Compared to Ghostly Walker, Aragon’s claim to the throne was clearly less justified.

“Auld, did you really think that Carulla was the one who issued all the Ascension Quests?”

Ghostly Walker walked to Aragon and pointed at him, forcing him to kneel.

Aragon struggled desperately. “It wasn’t?”

“Of course not.”

Ghostly Walker chuckled as he pressed his hand on Aragon’s forehead. The Ruler of God’s Armor emitted an intense light, rapidly absorbing Aragon’s Divine Power.

“True, Carulla did hand out many Ascension Quests, but heh, what you don’t know is that I’ve been issuing some of my own.”

“You... You...”

“Unlike Carulla, though, I didn’t issue Ascension Quests. Instead...”

Ghostly Walker’s face contorted. “I issued Ruler of God Ascension Quests!

“The world can only accommodate one Omega at a time. Auld, you successfully ambushed me and stole my throne, so while I may still have my Divine Power, I am no longer Omega. I cannot even enter the Ruler of God’s Shrine freely. Besides, you still wielded the Ruler of God’s Staff and the Ruler of God’s Armor at the time.

“I do not have the power to fight you, so all I can do is issue Ruler of God Ascension Quests, constantly strengthening myself and throwing wrenches into your ascension plans.”

Aragon looked at Ghostly Walker in horror. The Ruler of God’s Armor had absorbed most of his Divine Power, and his scrawny demonic body became even more scraggly. When Ghostly Walker pulled back, he did not even have enough energy to move anymore.

“World Authority — Inextinguishable Fire!”

Ghostly Walker reached out a finger and tapped Aragon’s head.


A flame rose from Aragon’s head, and he screamed in pain, patting his head desperately.

The flames on his head could not be extinguished no matter what he did, and it just kept burning without weakening...

“I have the Authority Power to change the world. I can make water burn like fire, and make fire flow like water. I can make wind solid, and make stones blow.”

Ghostly Walker held his hands open and spoke to Li Yi with a smile.

“This World Authority is stronger than his Creation Authority after all.”

Aragon continued to wail as he lay on the ground. He was now an enormous candle, and he looked utterly tragic.

“Auld, you will stay like this forever, watching over the Ruler of God’s Shrine for me.

“Friend, could you return my Ruler of God’s Staff?”

Ghostly Walker reached his hand out to Li Yi.

“Why should I?” Li Yi laughed.

“If you return my Ruler of God’s Staff, I’ll make you a Divine General!”

“Get lost!”

Li Yi put the Ruler of God’s Staff behind his back and drew his Orange Quality Bow instead, firing volleys of shots at Ghostly Walker.

Becoming a Divine General seemed nice on paper, but unfortunately, Li Yi was not aiming to be a Divine General. He wanted to become the Ruler of God.

Go big or go home!

“True Overlord Arrow!”

“Heavenly Flames Explosion!”

Qian’er and Li Yi attacked in unison.

Ghostly Walker did not do anything. He just stood there, chuckling.

“Whoosh whoosh...”

Li Yi’s and Qian’er’s attacks mysteriously vanished before they could reach Ghostly Walker.

“The Ruler of God’s Armor has a special effect that nullifies all powers. No power in this world may penetrate the Ruler of God’s Armor.

World Authority — Burning Breeze!”

Ghostly Walker raised his hand and a flame appeared in midair, swirling toward the five of them.

Ghostly Walker had the power to change the laws of the work. Unleashing a flaming wind was easy as pie to him.

“World Authority — Terra Tentacles!”

Before Li Yi and the other four could reach him, the earth beneath their feet began to wriggle. Countless tentacles pierced through the surface and locked them down solidly.

“F*ck, this brat’s even scarier than Aragon!” yelled The Mountain.

“Boss, watch your manners. We’re civilized people, so we shouldn’t...”


The burning breeze blew at them, cutting BB East off mid-sentence and sent the five of them flying several meters away.

BB East was dead, The Mountain was dead, while Li Yi and Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut had very little HP left. Only Qian’er suffered minimal damage.

Li Yi and Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut did not die because they still had some residual Divine Power in their bodies. Naturally, Qian’er was fine because she had the four Divine Swords.

The Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water Divine Swords!

Ghostly Walker shook his head. “Auld’s four Divine Swords were made from Father’s four fingers. They used to be one with the God Armor and the God Staff. Even my World Authority can’t change them.”

Qian’er’s eyes lit up and she used Flash to teleport to Ghostly Walker, swinging the Fire Divine Sword at him.

Ghostly Walker’s body moved slightly, and he glided several meters away.

When Li Yi saw how Ghostly Walker evaded her attack, he had an idea.

The Ruler of God’s Armor had a special effect that nullified all powers, but the way Ghostly Walker dodged that attack implied that the God Armor may not be able to take physical attacks so easily.

Just then, the Terra Tentacles crawled out again. Aside from Qian’er, who could withstand them with her Fire Divine Sword, everyone else was caught by the tentacles and immobilized, even Li Yi.

“Unlike Auld, I have never considered destroying the world. In my eyes, the original gods and the newly-ascended ones are no different. Swear allegiance to me, and we shall create a world for the gods together.”

Ghostly Walker glided toward Li Yi slowly.

“Qian’er, stop him!”

Qian’er waved the Fire Divine Sword to stop the Terra Tentacles, sprinting toward Li Yi at full speed.

The Hunter Goddess flew out of the Orange Quality Bow of her own accord and stood in front of Ghostly Walker, blocking his way.

“World Authority — Hefty Soul!”

Ghostly Walker waved at the Hunter Goddess, and she crashed into the ground with a bang, creating a deep crater.

Although she looked solid enough, she was actually still a soul. Ghostly Walker changed the makeup of her soul, making it heavier, and now she could not even move.

“Dark Wing, the last Attribute on the Orange Quality Bow is a special effect that can break through everything. If you can unlock it, you might even penetrate the Ruler of God’s Armor!” said the Hunter Goddess with some difficulty.

Li Yi was exasperated. “Stupid goddess, what’s the point of you telling me that now?”

“There’s a point, all right. Because I know how to activate this final Attribute!”


“By sacrificing my soul!”


The Hunter Goddess’ soul shattered suddenly, turning into rays of divine light that flew into the Orange Quality Bow.


An intense light erupted from the surface of the Orange Quality Bow, and it was so powerful that even Ghostly Walker was forced several steps back.

The Terra Tentacles underneath Li Yi’s feet retreated back into the ground upon contact with the light.

“Goddess? Goddess?”

Li Yi called her twice but there was no response, so he had no choice to look at the changes in the Orange Quality Bow’s Attributes.

[Gift of the Hunter Goddess, the Wrath of the Stars]

[Equipment Level: Unlimited]

[ATK 999999-999999]

[STR +8000]

[AGI +8000]

[WIL +5000]

[END +5000]

[Crit Rate 50%]

[ATK SPD 1.0 second]

[Max Shooting Range increased by 90 yards]


[Wrath of the Hunter Goddess: Shoots a divine arrow that can penetrate anything in the world. Skill cooldown: 24 hours.]


The last Attribute had a very simple introduction, but Li Yi barely felt any joy upon reading it.

He had obtained this by sacrificing the Hunter Goddess’ soul, so how could he feel happy about it?

Li Yi raised the Orange Quality Bow, which was sparkling with divine light, and aimed it at Ghostly Walker.

“Even if you remove all traces of power from it, the Ruler of God’s Armor is still the strongest material in the world. I don’t think you’d be able to penetrate it. Why don’t we give it a try?”

Ghostly Walker slowly held his arms open, revealing his chest.

There was a hint of a smile on Li Yi’s lips, and he released the shot suddenly, sending the arrow sparkling with divine light straight at Ghostly Walker.


The God Armor shattered into powder. Ghostly Walker held his chest, stunned.

“How can this be? How could there be any material in the world stronger than the Ruler of God’s Armor?”

Although the Divine Arrow had shattered the God Armor, Ghostly Walker remained unharmed, unfortunately. It only left a small mark on his clothes.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh...”

The God Armor did not vanish after it shattered. Instead, it gathered up again and began to fix itself automatically.

Ghostly Walker laughed. “My God Armor can regenerate, but can you shoot your Divine Arrow again?”

“Maybe I can!”

Li Yi put away the Orange Quality Bow and took out his New Wind Sword, rushing at Ghostly Walker.


Activating the Rocket Propellant, Li Yi instantly teleported up to Ghostly Walker, swinging his sword at him.

Ghostly Walker’s hands began to shine. “World Authority — Hefty Sword!”


Li Yi’s New Wind Sword became several thousand tons heavier, and it crashed into the ground.

“It’s useless, you’re no match for me. Now, I shall use my World Authority to make you into a puddle of living water!

“World Authority — Living...”


Before Ghostly Walker could complete that sentence, Li Yi spread open a black scroll.

“Fwoosh whoosh—”

The black scroll emitted an irresistible power, forcefully pulling Ghostly Walker in.

The sealing was a success!

Just as Ghostly Walker’s body was sealed inside the scroll, the God Armor had also completed its regeneration.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh...”

The God Armor bounced nervously, unable to find its master.

The Mountain was utterly perplexed. “What happened? I thought you couldn’t use your scroll anymore?”

“It’s simple. I just accelerated the scroll with my Chrono Authority.”

Li Yi chuckled and grabbed the God Armor with one hand.


There was a sparkle of divine light, and the God Armor deconstructed itself, putting itself on Li Yi’s body.

Watching that, The Mountain and the others were stunned even further.

Ascension Quests could be stolen. Having killed Ghostly Walker, who was in the middle of a Ruler of God Ascension Quest, Li Yi had naturally inherited his quest as well. That was why the God Armor recognized him as its master.

[Congratulations! Player Dark Wing has successfully ascended and become the Ruler of God. Let us celebrate for him!]

The World Channel was once more flooded with sparkling rainbow-colored announcements.

The announcements were spammed several thousand times in a row before they finally stopped...

However, mere seconds after the announcements stopped coming, there came another barrage of rainbow-colored announcements.

[Congratulations! Player The Mountain has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player Invincible Jiaojiao has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player Gongsun Chuqian has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player BB East has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player Little Elf from the Magical Realm has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player Brother Windcloud Nine has successfully ascended and become a god!]

[Congratulations! Player Sister Windcloud Nine has successfully ascended and become a god!]


After an explosion of sparkling rainbow-colored announcements, several hundred players became gods at once...

[Congratulations! Player Wang’er has successfully ascended and become a god!]

It finally ended with the last rainbow-colored announcement, which declared that the Huashan Sect’s Scumbag Wang had become a god.

When one person made it big, many others would rise with them. Thanks to him, all of Li Yi’s friends became gods, and the same went for The Mountain and BB East. There was an exception, however— Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut!

It was not that Li Yi did not make her into a god. It was that she had logged off as soon as she saw Li Yi become the Ruler of God, and she never logged back in...

“Life Authority — Resurrection!”

Inside the Ruler of God’s Shrine, Li Yi pointed the God Staff, and the Hunter Goddess appeared from the Orange Quality Bow, coming back to life...