Volume 1, 7th of April, Sunday  

Murasaki-san. Important Conversation. Inherited Relation?

From a young age I was living together with my grandparents, just the three of us. A few times before I entered elementary school an 'uncle I didn't know' bought me some toys in the department store and treated me to children's lunch at a restaurant.

In my young mind I thought 'This person is Santa Claus'. Also, this Santa came to visit me regardless of season.

Since I was very young, I already forgot what I asked of him, the only thing I remember now is the fact that I had a lot of fun when we were together.

Just recently, I learned that this uncle was actually my biological father.

It was at the uncle's——Taishido Jinya's funeral. Speaking of Taishido group, it was a prominent Japanese private railway group. Its total assets were a trillion and four hundred billion yen.


The CEO of that large company had suddenly died in an accident earlier this year.

I was currently drinking a cup of coffee in the hotel's lounge together with the general counsel and trustee of the late Taishido Jinya——Shinonome Murasaki.

As I raised my line of sight, I saw a slender beauty with rimless glasses who was staring at me unmoving.

She had short hair and wore a suit and was incredibly beautiful. She must have had a very light make-up or none at all. Her age... she was probably in her twenties. For her to become a general counsel of Taishido household, she must've been an outstanding person. Murasaki-san opened her thin pink lips.

"Now then, let me explain the matter of inheritance."

"The inheritance... is it."


"I mentioned it when we met for the first time but there's enough inheritance for you to live your life playing around several times. Of course, I will take responsibility for procedures such as the inheritance tax. You can leave the two in the Domon household to us."

"T-thank you very much."

I could only express my thanks. I didn't know anything about being entitled to such things until recently, so being able to leave all the legal procedures to Murasaki-san was a relief.

By the way, the two in Domon household referred to my grandpa and grandma. The two of them are going to enjoy their retirement in Hawaii at a condo owned by Taishido group.

"Uncl... won't you show me Father's testament after all? Not even let me touch it or showing me just a glimpse of it?"

"In respect to the will of deceased, I, the trustee, have to convey the contents of the will without showing them to you unless there is a need to."

"I-I apologize. Asking something so unreasonable."

"No, I also apologize for my rudeness. It can't be helped that a minor like you is worried. At a time like this an adult has to act decisively... do you have any questions on anything else other than the contents of the will?"

Your age, three sizes and what kind of men you like... lets avoid saying something so lame in a place like this and in front of the cool Murasaki-san.

"No... I can't think of anything in particular."

"I see. You, just like those girls, were a middle school student just recently, it can't be helped that you act so troubled."

I entered the high school this spring... hey, did I just hear something I can't ignore?

"Wa... please wait a moment!"

"For you to suddenly raise your voice, did something happen?"

"Just now, did you say something outrageous?"

"It can't be helped that you act so troubled... is what I said."

"Just before that! Earlier!"

"Do you have any questions on anything else other than the contents of the will?"

Not thaat! Unexpectedly, is that Murasaki-san's true nature?

"Back when you said that I was middle school student until recently."

"Starting with this spring, you will enroll in private school that Taishido group has connections with, Shichiyou Academy."

"Rather than continue from that point, didn't you say 'Just like those girls'?"

"Yes. Other than you, Taishido Jinya also had daughters."

"I haven't heard anything about that... nothing at all."

My mother had a weak body and passed away at an early age. Grandpa never said anything about me having little sisters.

"The authority is passed to Yoichi-san. That's what I actually wanted to talk about with you today."

"Authority you mean..."

"Yoichi-san has five little sisters."

While I still had a cup of coffee in my hand, I stiffened as if I was subjected to paralysis. In the meantime, Murasaki-san took a sip of coffee from her cup. Finally, I placed the cup on the table and fixed my posture.

"F-five of them?"

"Yes. There were six women who blessed Taishido Jinya with children."

"Six women you mean... it can't be that everyone has a different mother?"

"Yes. Is there any problem?"

"There's a ton of problems!"

"Since that's a fact, please accept this truth. Yoichi-san is the eldest son. Then it's the eldest daughter, second daughter, third daughter, fourth daughter, and fifth daughter. That is the family structure."

"They're all... girls?"

"Yes. It's too early to call them your little sisters. To be exact, they are little sister candidates."


"According to the will, from all of them you are to choose only one little sister."

"There's no way such an unreasonable thing would be written in the testament. Say it more formally like it was written... I have no idea, but it should be properly written! Properly!"

"I have already cleared the legal conditions. I am to use any and all means including usage of live ammunition to persuade you, if that is necessary."

"Live ammunition, that sounds really dangerous."

"I meant cash."

I'm glad I didn't ask.

"You shouldn't use money to persuade someone, isn't that against the law?"

"Taishido draws rules and rails. I just quoted the words of the deceased. According to them, I made my preparations beforehand. Even so, I'm glad that Yoichi-san understood everything so quickly."

"I might have understood it, but I still didn't give my consent..."

"All of the little sisters have already given their consent."

The contents of the will were too much, my head started to hurt.

"As long as Taishido Jinya was alive, all of your little sisters would receive financial support, but... the aid given to your little sisters is about to be aborted."

"Is that also included in the will?"

"Yes. He said to look after them as long as he is alive. By the way, all the girls' mothers vanished and abandoned their children."

I had Grandpa and Grandma, but these little sisters didn't have a family at all.

"The little sister candidates are currently living alone by themselves. They are being paid ten million yen per year, even subtracting expanses such as rent and tuition, they have an income of about four hundred thousand yen a month to use as they please.'

It sounds like they are celebs. No, even so... if that assistance is aborted, they'll be left with nothing, I couldn't let it stay like this.

"The deadline for selection is two weeks. In the meantime, Yoichi-san is to select only one little sister."

"Why only one?"

"That is what's written in the will... that's the only way I can answer you. The inheritance will be distributed evenly between Yoichi-san and the chosen little sister. Even though it's only half, please be assured, it's more than enough."

I can't even imagine how much money that is.

"H-how am I supposed to pick a little sister."

"I can't explain that, but you'll know it soon enough. Do you have any other questions?"

"Are all little sister candidates children of Taishido Jinya?"

"Yes. Without a doubt."

"Can't all of them become my little sisters?"

"They cannot."

Murasaki-san categorically denied.


"Because that's how it's written in the will."

"No, but."

"Because that's how it's written in the will."

"Then show me..."

"That's how it is... written in the will."

Murasaki-san glared at me sharply with cold eyes. It was so sharp it seemed like I'd get cut.

"The little sister candidates agreed to something as unreasonable as this?"

"Yes. To be exact 『They didn't have a right to veto it』 would be more appropriate."

I felt something heavy, as if someone packed a stone in my stomach.

"What if I don't choose anyone by the deadline?"

"Then Yoichi-san will lose all rights to inheritance."

While saying that, Murasaki-san handed to me something that looked like a USB flash drive. Its size was small enough for me to grip it with my hand, on the monochrome LCD screen numbers 701 were displayed.

"It's the key to your new house. Try not to lose it since it's a special smart key, please do be careful."

When I looked down on the key I received, Murasaki-san stood up from her seat.

"That is all. If there is anything you need, please call me. Now then, I wish you luck."

"W-wait, Murasaki-san!"

"Do you have any other questions?"

"What kind of people are the little sister candidates?"

"You will understand once you meet them. Please do not forget, their lives are now in Yoichi-san's hands."

Murasaki accented the last words, carried out the payment and left the lounge.

A seven-story luxurious mansion——the Taishido residence towered over a small hill. There were no other tall buildings around it.

The mansion's top floor was special and it wasn't separated into small apartments. On the door's plate it was written 'Room 701'.

It opened in response to the smart key given to me by Murasaki-san.

Room 701 was a 6LDK1 with private storage room and a walk-in-closet, its layout was too luxurious for one person to live alone.

I entered it and carried my luggage to the smallest room there was. Even though I said 'small' it was ten tatami big. Since I lived in a six-tatami room before, it seemed very spacious. Somehow, I felt empty and lonely.

Notes and References

- 1.↑ 6LDK would be an apartment with 6 multipurpose rooms, living room, dining room and a kitchen, for more information see