So Channing didn't ask anything else and leave to do his job.

However, when Channing was leaving, he gave Benson an idea, "Master, you should be prepared for the anger of the young lady and buy a washboard later. This thing is necessary for family law."

Benson was serious, "Am I the kind of person who is afraid of the wife and can be served by family law?"

Channing smiled and went out without saying a word. Anyway, that was just a kind suggestion.

It's said on the Internet that the washboard was a good thing for the wife to calm down.

Benson thought for a moment, so he investigated the consequences of Juliana privately, and finally opened the purchase website and searched the washboard.

There's nothing shameful.


But after searching, Benson also found some good things, that was, he still had another choice of kneeling keyboards?

The keyboard was better than the washboard.

Benson thought a while and then turned on the computer again. He started to search the name of Miranda, and then he saw the photos of that woman.

It's a simple two-inch photo.

But such a simple dress still couldn't stop Miranda's beauty, elegant and dignified, atmospheric, and seductive.

It's like... It's like a black rose.


Benson narrowed his eyes and whispered, "Could she be Juliana?"

Juliana's attitude towards Timothy, as well as a few words she once confided, and Channing's investigation results.

All those things made Benson have a very bold guess. Juliana was Miranda.

However, what he guessed was that the person who died in the car accident was not Miranda, but someone else.

Now Juliana was Miranda who had already done the cosmetic surgery.

But now he couldn't get enough evidence.

This was already his boldest guess.

And Juliana also absolutely unexpected, the first person who suspected that she was Miranda would be Benson!

Benson worked for a while, and then went to the office to find Juliana.

When he pushed open the door, Juliana was sitting in his office chair, flipping through the documents on the table.

She was obviously wearing a skirt, which was also very soft and beautiful.

But at this moment, Benson overlapped Juliana with the momentum he saw on the video of Miranda Conference.

This kind of work momentum, they were very similar!

Juliana felt the burning eyes. She looked up at Benson, who stood at the door and didn't come in. She raised her eyebrows slightly, "Have you done?"

Benson calmed down and nodded, "Are you bored?"

Juliana put the documents away, "No, reading the documents is a waste of time."

Benson thought of Juliana's opinion at the last meeting and asked her, "Do you see anything?"

Juliana pointed to a stack of documents lying next to him, "You haven't signed these documents yet. I just found several problems. Look at them."

When she was Miranda in her previous life, she had already begun to learn how to read documents before she was in charge of Sanchez group.

Later, Miranda took charge of the company and knew how to settle those problems.

Benson sat down opposite Juliana, and then picked up the document, which was marked with problems. As he thought, it was definitely not scribbled by laymen.

Benson looked up at Juliana. She was holding her cheeks in one hand, looking at the computer carefully, blinking, and her long eyelashes were shaking like cicadas.

Benson looked at the past curiously and saw what she was doing.

As a result, he was surprised.