After repeated inventory and confirmation, Song Xingcheng carefully chose "upgrade".

Then, the panel prompts that the system needs three hours to upgrade.

It was too difficult to wait for this period of time. Song Xingcheng survived with high-intensity training, and then waited early in the control room of the City Lord's Mansion for the moment when the city would be upgraded.

Three hours later, familiar fireworks bloomed on the big screen in the control room, and the system city was successfully upgraded.

Song Xingcheng habitually prepared to check the [Task] icon first, but found that the [Task] icon had disappeared, and there were only three icons on the home page of the screen: [Road Repair], [Construction] and [Demolition].

Song Xingcheng, who was surprised, realized that level 10 cities are already the highest level, and they cannot be upgraded upwards. Naturally, there is no need to upgrade tasks, and the [task] module that has played a guiding role along the way has been offline.

Not only are there no missions, but another big change in level 10 cities is that no new technologies and buildings are unlocked. In the future, you can only unlock technologies and corresponding buildings by investing in [Research Institutes] and [Technology Companies].


Of course, there are still benefits for the system city to successfully upgrade to level 10. First of all, the construction time of all buildings will be halved from then on, and the most important point is that the limit on the construction quota of buildings will be cancelled!

Song Xingcheng sat up straight with excitement, whether it was the [Hot Weapons Factory] that was just unlocked or the [Barracks] that had been strictly restricted by the system, the more buildings the better.

To be honest, during the system upgrade process, Song Xingcheng had already figured out which area to put the newly opened barracks construction quota after upgrading to level 10 city. Mian'an County is full of barracks!

Thinking that he would soon have a team of robot soldiers with strong combat effectiveness, no fear of zombie infection, and no fear of damage, Song Xingcheng couldn't sit still, jumped three feet high, rushed back to the room, and sent the robot who was reviewing the plan He Qianshan threw himself on the desk.

The system city has been upgraded to the top level, and all buildings are no longer restricted by the construction quota, and the plans they have made will change drastically.

He Qianshan embraced the spoiled lover indulgently, and patiently listened to Song Xingcheng explain the latest harvest. Following Song Xingcheng's narration, He Qianshan's expression gradually became serious.


Three days later, the [Energy Gun] produced by [Hot Weapon Factory] was very popular in Star Lake City. The palm-sized toy gun looks ridiculous, but its actual power is very powerful. Putting in one energy bead can fire ten energy bullets. If the aim is accurate, three or four bullets can kill a zombie

Corpse, after all, it is a good deal. More importantly, having such a light and easy-to-use long-range weapon in hand greatly improves the safety of survivors.

When the energy gun was hotly discussed, Song Xingcheng was busy with another matter. His support for the [Research Institute] was greatly weakened, and instead, 200 barracks were built all over the urban area of ​​Mian'an County.

Thousands of robot soldiers in more than two hundred barracks cleaned up 80% of the zombies in the urban area of ​​Mian'an County at a rate of 70,000 to 80,000 per day, and also cleaned up all kinds of large mutant animals and plants.

In just ten days, the situation in Mian'an County has completely changed.

The last part of the zombies was not that they couldn't be cleaned up, but the survivors gathered in front of the gate of the Star Lake City Lord's Mansion to petition.

As the number of zombies in the city decreased sharply, the survivors found a big problem. If they could not find any zombies to attack, they would not be able to get energy beads. Suddenly, the newly acquired energy guns were not good.

Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan were dumbfounded, but also realized this problem. Nowadays, various supplies in the grocery store in Xinghu City still need energy beads to buy, and more importantly, the currently known methods for human evolution to become stronger need to be carried with them. energy beads.

On the other hand, Song Xingcheng received several abnormal reports related to zombies from the robot soldiers during the process of cleaning up the zombies in the whole city. The zombies in the abnormal reports all showed strength and Speed ​​level, which means that zombies, like humans, animals and plants, will also mutate for the better.

Referring to the opinions of the survivors and considering the long-term future, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan stopped in time, leaving some zombies for the survivors to "hunt and kill".

Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan were very emotional about this. Who would have thought that in two months, they regained Mian'an County from the zombies. Within the scope of Mian'an County, the status of humans and zombies was completely reversed. .

Since there is no need for robot soldiers to harvest energy beads, it would be a waste of resources to keep 200 barracks. Song Xingcheng demolished 150 barracks at 90% of the recovery price.

The duty of the robot soldiers in the more than 60 barracks left behind has also changed from killing zombies to collecting zombies, individuals with special mutations in animals and plants, and providing a certain degree of protection for survivors.

Mian'an County was completely stabilized, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan couldn't help but cast their eyes on a wider area.

As Mian'an County was basically cleared out, they also learned the real situation of Mian'an County.

The number of survivors, in a city with a population of one million before the end of the world, only 180,000 survived two months after the end of the world. This is based on the premise that Star Lake City sheltered more than 100,000 survivors.

This tragic figure made people silent. After discussing all night, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan decided to personally lead the team to help more states and counties get rid of the threat of zombies.

After the two reached an agreement, they acted immediately, first issued a convening announcement to the Xinghu team, and then made every effort to arrange various matters in Mian'an County, the villa area, and Xinghu City, and prepared to leave in a week.

A few days before the departure, He Qianshan was busy with his housekeeping skills after finishing his daily affairs, making the solid chickens produced by the chicken coop into braised chickens.

Their He family counts up to five generations. They are famous chefs in Xiazhou. Their craftsmanship has been handed down. They started their business from the catering industry. Although there has been a large-span transformation in the past ten years, the cooking skills of first-hand housekeeping have been passed down. down.

He Qianshan was forced to learn cooking skills when he was a child, and he had a serious rebellious mentality. When he grew up, he seldom did it himself, but now it is different. Now that he has a family, he finally understands the importance of good cooking skills.

His Xingcheng likes to eat grilled chicken the most. After the inventory is exhausted, he can't find it if he tries to search. Fortunately, he has also learned the craft of making grilled chicken, and he has started preparing it early. Since the livestock yard can produce real chickens, After continuous experimentation, I finally perfectly reproduced the entire production process of grilled chicken, and restored Song Xingcheng's favorite taste.

Every time he saw Song Xingcheng happily eating the braised chicken he made himself, He Qianshan would feel a strong sense of satisfaction in feeding it successfully.

He Qianshan knew the inside story. If Song Xingcheng wanted to reproduce the system buildings in other cities, he had to visit those cities first. Thinking that he might have to run around non-stop in the future, He Qianshan naturally didn't want to treat Song badly. Xing Cheng's mouth wanted to prepare enough grilled chicken in advance.

Later, it was discovered that due to the limitation of the preservation process, the freshness period of the prepared grilled chicken was likely to be only half a month, so He Qianshan began to consider the possibility of loading the entire production equipment into a car and taking it away.

In the sporadic free time, He Qianshan was busy fighting with grilled chickens, while Song Xingcheng was busy setting up the barracks.

The first target city he discussed with He Qianshan was Heyuan County in Xiazhou. Song Xingcheng spent five days setting up ten barracks on the road from Mian'an County to Heyuan County. After the barracks were built, the soldiers were busy cleaning up the roads and mutated animals and plants along the way.

Five days later, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan called together the team members who were willing to go out with them. Unexpectedly, the team members who came

There are more than one hundred members of the team.

After careful consideration, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan eliminated some of the team members, leaving a team of 50 people with all abilities. It took two days to make final preparations, and a group of 15 vehicles were fully loaded with team members. The truck with supplies left the villa area early in the morning.

Han Qinmin participated in this mission and was in charge of commanding and leading the team, while Zheng Nianhao stayed in Mian'an County and was in charge of managing the villa area.

The members of this team gradually realized something, because wherever they went, barracks had been arranged in advance, the road ahead was basically cleared, and there were not many dangers encountered.

The team members kept silent tacitly, and only followed the three captains all the way. It took eight days to pass through the long forest and finally arrived at Heyuan County before the end of the world.

Song Xingcheng spent five days laying out 300 barracks in Heyuan County. He led his team members to fight in the jungle and gathered survivors. He specially selected an area and quickly built a barracks starting from simple wooden houses. The new "Star Lake City".

It took half a month before and after, and Heyuan County became the second city where the situation stabilized after Mian'an County.

The rescued savage survivors in Heyuan County were the hardest hit. It was enough for them to be excited to return to a civilized city suddenly, and they also accepted a large number of settings that impacted the world view non-stop.

For example, the energy beads obtained after killing zombies can be used to pay rent, buy supplies, and even improve physical fitness, assisting ordinary people to break through and become supernatural beings?

What's even more amazing is that the zombies who were afraid before turned into "little monsters" that everyone is fighting for in a blink of an eye?

It can be said that he is a survivor who has experienced the end of the world. No matter how his world view has been subverted, he quickly adapted to a new life. Around Xinghu City, life gradually got on the right track.

As for the seven or eight large and small survivor forces formed within Heyuan County, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan did not come to recruit them forcibly. better life.

During this period, the [Research Institute] and the Xinghu Research Institute worked together to make a major breakthrough in the field of information technology, and restored the remote communication between the two cities and the two Xinghu cities.

Zheng Nianhao, who stayed behind in Mian'an County, took over the daily management of Heyuan Xinghu City remotely, and his originally relaxed daily life suddenly became busy.

On the other side, after the situation in Heyuan County basically stabilized, Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan didn't stop much, and directly led the team to the next target city.

In this way, it took a whole year for Song Xingcheng and He Qianshan to run around and build Xinghu City of the same type in more than 120 counties and cities in Kyushu across the country, providing shelter for tens of millions of survivors.

Thanks to their actions, the surviving humans have found the right way to become stronger, and more people have embarked on the road of actively chasing zombies.

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