Chapter 35 – Extra Story — The Origins of the Founding Celebration of the Village of Beginnings  

「Remilia-sama’s birthday this year… has passed… Next year, I hope the whole village will be there to celebrate in a big way!」

She said that to me when I wished Sofia a happy birthday and gave her a thoughtful gift that Emi would have chosen.

Oh, yes, indeed. My…「Remilia’s body」birthday has passed.

Until last year, I had celebrated with great enthusiasm, but I didn’t have time for that because I had been working hard to save the world ever since the day of that night party. I never told anyone my birthday in the first place. It’s like I force them to celebrate, and if it were Emi, I would never tell them.

But I recall when I was the Crown Prince’s fiancée, she also attended the birthday party of「Emi’s Remilia」as David’s fiancée. Is it natural that you remember the date?


「Oh no, It doesn’t have to be such a big deal.」 「That’s absurd. If everyone in the village came to celebrate individually, there would be more commotion.」

「But there are many children in the village who don’t know the exact date of their birthday, so it’s a bit strange for me to be the only one celebrating in such a big way…」

「If they find out later that they didn’t know about your birthday and couldn’t celebrate, they’ll be more disappointed.」

I will be speaking as「Emi’s Remilia.」I would feel guilty if I were Emi, because I live a poor and hard life and never received any「birthday presents」from parents as a child. But I don’t discount the feelings of Sofia and the villagers who want to celebrate.

After several exchanges, they landed on the subject in the form of a pushback:「I know at least the approximate timing, so at the beginning of each month, I will send a gift of congratulations to all those whose birthdays fall in that month,」and「On top of that, we will hold a grand banquet for Remilia-sama’s birthday, and I will organize it.」

I have no interest in banquets or gifts, as you can imagine from the items we procure in this village, but I’m sure Emi would be sincerely pleased to receive a boring and modest feast, a worthless scribble drawn by a child, or a「pretty stone」found in the area.


I can understand the villagers’ desire to celebrate「Emi’s Remilia」in the best way they can.

I recalled the「birthday party」in Emi’s memory. The way Emi, as a little girl, called her friends and blew out the candles on a whole chocolate cake in a room decorated by Emi’s mother and sister.

Unlike the glitz and glamour of「Remilia’s」birthday party, this was a very happy and tender scene, where「love」was visualized.

Yes, it is. We want to celebrate the birth of our loved ones in a big way, don’t we?

I remember when Emi also celebrated my birthday. When she was a kid, Emi’s father bought Emi’s birthday cake at the store where he bought it with the money from his own part-time job. I asked for my name on a chocolate plate to be placed on top, and they also made a handmade congratulatory board and a scrunchie with her image on it.

It was the most wonderful gift in the world that I know of, even though I couldn’t actually hold it in my hands.

I can come up with that much to think about.

…Yes, let’s have a birthday party for Emi too. The sweetest, most wonderful girl on Earth, who is kinder than anyone else, celebrates as best she can with me to commemorate the day she came into this world.

It’s a very nice idea. Fortunately, the calendar of this world has much in common with the world in which Emi lived. The purpose is to implement「costume change ver.」of popular characters for each event, such as Valentine’s Day, White Day, June Bride, summer clothes, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Of course, I did successfully change the names of「Christmas」and「Valentines Day」which were based on historical facts and real people in Emi’s world.

Linking seasons and events with the real world in order to get users to pay was a common technique seen in social games. Thanks to them, we can celebrate Emi’s birthday in this world too, so I would like to praise the development company.

Emi didn’t seem to be too excited, saying「I saved up my stones because Remilia-tan is not implemented… I’ll only use the first discount」and「I can advance the story with the characters distributed at the event.」

But only when a new character from the demon tribe was implemented,「I wonder if Remilia-tan’s story will appear in this character’s personal story. No, please! Since we are former members of the same camp, just tell me one thing about you, Remilia-tan…! I’m starving for you now that the official supply of guesses has been cut off!」, and she was panting.

No, just once. My memory of Emi at that time was so pitiful and adorable.

In an April Fool’s Day project for「The Star Maiden and the Knight of Salvation,」an official announcement was made that「Remilia, the villainess, has been implemented!」

Other users laughed and enjoyed it, saying「I’m laughing at the new glass that was wasted and spirited just for this project on this day」and「It was strong as an enemy and will be a human right if it is implemented, I usually want it.」Emi prayed until the date changed to 4/2,「Please, please, please, please, please implement Remilia-tan~~~!!」and prayed with all her heart.

She knew it was an April Fool’s Day project, and after she found out that this notice was a lie, she said,「I knew it… I knew it, but…」 I was so devastated that my heart ached from just looking at the memories.

I felt so sorry for her and wanted to hug her and wipe her tears right now, but she cried for me and said,「I wanted Remilia-tan to be my friend…」I loved her so much.

To commemorate the occasion, the official distributed an image of「Remilia the Villainess」at that time, which has always been the wallpaper of her smartphone.

Incidentally, the following year… an April Fool’s Day project was struck, in which Angel and the other demon tribe attackers「formed a band.」

Angel and others in rock band costumes received a great response from users, and were later implemented as a different costume version.「Eh? Why? What about last year’s Remilia-tan!?」Needless to say, Emi was very upset. I kind of laugh a little when I think back on it because Emi is so adorable.

It was decided to celebrate Emi’s birthday in this world as well, but I can’t just tell you about my Emi.

Shall we make it a celebration of the birth of the goddess who saved this world and guided us… No, it’s not the same as starting a new religion. The most respected and appreciated must be「Emi’s Remilia.」

First, it should be the anniversary of the founding of this village, and eventually it should be a national holiday.

By the time I take control of this country, Emi’s birthday will be「the happiest and most wonderful day in the world」for the people of this world. I’m very much looking forward to it.