Chapter 601  : The signs (1)


After the man finished speaking, he sat back by the fire without waiting for song qingxiao’s reply.

A few people who were listening to his orders held longbows and nocked their arrows, aiming at the few trial-takers.

The relaxed atmosphere of talking and sharing food just now instantly disappeared, and the air was filled with a strong fighting spirit.

The silver Wolf squinted its eyes and went forward, making a threatening low growl from its throat. When its huge feet landed on the ground, its nails stepped into the sand and touched the stone ground, making a subtle sound.

It brought a great sense of oppression to these people, causing a few people with bows to panic. They instinctively took a step back and pulled their bows further.


“My lady.” When the leader saw this, he forced himself to remain calm and snorted coldly,”

take care of your pets. Bows and arrows don’t have eyes.

“Don’t be angry.” Number one rolled his eyes and tried to smooth things over again,”

it’s our first time here, and we’ve encountered these terrifying human-faced spiders. Miss an has a few more questions because of her panic and uneasiness. He shrugged helplessly and gave the leader a ‘you know what I mean’ look.

Maybe it was because No. 1 had given him a good impression, or maybe it was because they had seen the trial-taker confront the giant spider on the beach, so they were on guard and didn’t want to fall out with them.

In addition, the silver Wolf’s huge body and the dangerous aura it exuded made these people feel fear and uneasiness. So after number one spoke, this person took the opportunity to get off the stage and also softened his tone,”


“This place is different from the outside world. There’s another set of rules.”

He waved his hand, we still have to travel tomorrow. Rest early.

“Brother, where are we heading to?” Number one asked after seeing that his expression had eased a little.

His expression was cold, but he still managed to answer number one’s question,”

“Let’s go back to our base.”

After saying this, the man lowered his eyes to hide the expression in his eyes. It was obvious that he did not intend to answer any more questions from this group of people.

The fire crackled as song qingxiao stroked the back of the silver Wolf’s neck and walked to the door of the stone house.

As soon as she moved, a few people with bows were extremely vigilant and immediately followed her. They only stopped when they saw song qingxiao sit down not far from the door of the stone house, but their eyes were fixed on her back.

The night wind was blowing outside, and without the four walls to block it, the temperature dropped even lower.

However, due to song qingxiao’s unique nature of spiritual power, the chill had no effect on her.

A breath came from behind her. The silver Wolf, which was lying at her feet and seemed to be drowsy from being caressed, opened its eyes, revealing a cold look.

“Do you think there’s a problem with this group of people?”

No. 2 mimicked her and squatted on the steps with her, his voice transmitted into her sea of consciousness through divine sense.

“Do you still need to ask?” Song qingxiao lazily replied to number two. She didn’t want to keep him in suspense.

“Hehe.” Having been exposed by her, number two laughed, not feeling embarrassed at all.

when we were on the riverbank and this group of people saved us, it was obvious that they didn’t have any intention of letting us go, regardless of whether we talked to them or expressed our intention to follow them.

He touched his chin, and a few gazes behind him fell on the two of them, not bothering to hide it.

“Where do you think he’s taking us?”

No. 2 “s eyes glinted as he asked.

Before song qingxiao could say anything, they heard footsteps behind them. Without turning their heads, they could sense number one’s aura standing not far from them.

This person had wind abilities, so it should be easy for him to walk without making a sound. At this time, he was deliberately making a sound, which should be to remind the two of them that he was coming.

He first glanced at number two, then at song qingxiao. He walked past number two and said in a low voice,”

“Number three, did you see it too?”

These people had problems!

From the time they saved a few people, took the initiative to invite everyone to join them, to generously sharing the short supply of food with them, leading them to the ‘base camp’ of unknown origin, and not even mentioning it to the base camp, all of these made the trial-takers instinctively feel that something was wrong.

“What do you think is true and what is false?”

From song Qing’s impulsive questions, everyone had a rough idea..