Chapter 603  : Signs (3)


“Number three…”

As soon as he finished speaking, song qingxiao raised her head and said,”

“I suspect that these giant spiders might have once been humans.” What she said was similar to number one and number two’s previous guess. There was nothing unexpected.

But she immediately added,”

and it’s possible that after the appearance of the lost city, like the bow-wielding man, professor an, and the others, they were attracted by the signal transmitted from the lost city!


The reason she was so certain was that she thought of the giant spiders ‘fear of water, which was consistent with the behavior of these people with bows.

In the space of the trial, the subtle similarities could not be coincidences. The only possibility was that the giant spider had a certain connection with these people.

Her words were like a bomb, instantly causing number one and number two’s expressions to change.


No. 2 even shouted, which attracted the attention of a few bow-wielders who were napping next to the fire in the house, causing them to open their eyes. The bow-wielding man in the lead was also awakened by No. 2’s voice, and he tilted his head to stare coldly at the trial-takers who were discussing softly. “Are they people from the outside world who were brought in here?” Number one’s expression turned serious, if that’s the case, then what happened to them in such a short period of time to become like this?”

I’m not sure what happened, but… Song Qing supported her chin with her small hand and turned to look into the room. Her eyes met the bow-wielding man’s gloomy eyes and she naturally looked away.


since it’s called symbiosis, it’s possible that humans have reached an agreement with them, which caused this mutation. This allowed the fearsome creature to maintain the appearance of a Spider while retaining some human features.

In fact, song qingxiao believed that the humans were forced to agree to this ‘symbiosis’. Although the giant spiders that were chasing them had a certain level of intelligence, they seemed to have completely lost their minds. It was obvious that they only had a human head and no longer had the ability to think.

In layman’s terms, these people should have been ‘dead’, but after death, the corpses lived in another state.

This state wasn’t like Chu ke’s living corpse that still retained her memories and intelligence. Instead, she was a mutated walking corpse.

In other words, if humans did not willingly mutate into this state, this state could also be called:


Their gazes turned cold, and song qingxiao continued,”

as for why humans were forced to agree to such parasitism, it should be because their lives were in extreme danger at the time.

And what was this extreme threat? Song qingxiao didn’t need to continue. Number two said,”

the root of evil that was created and imprisoned by the sovereign.

It was the ‘curse’ that the bow-wielding man had mentioned.

At this point, even if the trial mission had not appeared yet, the general context of the target was already very clear.

Number one and number two’s hearts sank. They already had a bad feeling about the possibility that song qingxiao had mentioned, but they didn’t dare to think about it.

They could only enter and not leave the mission scenario. In addition to the terrifying Spider horde formed by the ‘parasitic’ humans and the possible existence of a ‘curse’ imprisoned by the Lord God, it was obvious that the mission this time was either to destroy the source of the curse or to escape from this Lost City!

It was also possible that it was both. First, he had to eliminate the source of the curse, then escape from this cursed city! As such, the difficulty of the mission naturally increased.

However, if the bow-wielding man was not lying about this, this city was located in another dimension of the world. Without the appearance of the space-time portal, the two worlds were like two parallel lines that were not connected. How could one leave?

When they didn’t even know where the exit was, even if the mission was activated, how could they continue?

At the entrance of the stone house, the two cultivators were dejected by this heavy blow. They couldn’t even speak, only feeling bitterness in their mouths.

“How do we get out of this?” Number one laughed bitterly. He didn’t expect anyone to respond, but song qingxiao took out something and looked at it carefully.

“How you came in, naturally how you get out!”

The reason why professor an, the bow-wielding man, and the others had come in was because they had been attracted by a mysterious signal and pushed into this place by the strong wind and waves.

Similarly, if he wanted to leave this place, he might also need a certain Messenger and the same kind of strong wind and waves to push him out.

However, this place had already surfaced from the sea and was exiled by the real world.. There was no wind or waves, so where would the violent winds and huge waves come from?