Providence, The Chilling Beauty

System 677 could only sigh.

Fu Yue’s name was well known among the World of System. No, her name was well-known even across the Six Worlds.

Its original boss, the senior that was said to have led countless numbers of hosts, had mentioned that demoness once when it was still undergoing training with its peers.

The senior had only lit up a cigarette, took a deep drag, and then breathed the smoke out before telling them one sentence.

“Do not provoke her unnecessarily.”



When System 677 recalled that, its face paled.

Originally, if the hosts wouldn’t cooperate, they could forcefully bind themselves to the hosts.

However, in her presence, it wouldn’t even dare to trouble her!!

System 677 approached Fu Yue in its ball of light form and looked at this figure that it had only heard about in legends.

She was without question extremely beautiful.

Her skin was as white as snow, her eyes were like stars, and there was a spot of blood-red cinnabar mark on her forehead.


As a long-living system that was attracted by physical beauty, System 677 was astonished.

Her expression when she was asleep was quite gentle, and she didn’t show any of her cold-heartedness as described by others.

Someone as powerful as Fu Yue was naturally aware of someone staring at her.

In the beginning, she was simply resting with her eyes closed and had stopped paying attention to a foolish system.


She continued to rest, and it continued to stare.

One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes…

Fu Yue raised her eyebrow and felt that she was getting agitated.

‘How am I supposed to sleep?!’

Fu Yue opened her eyes and stared directly at the floating ball of light.

When it looked into the woman’s dark-colored eyes, System 677 quaked in its figurative boots. It was as if it could feel the frigidity of the ages and her murderous intent.

Her eyelashes were long, thick, and curled. Her eyes were as cold and silent as a deep pond.

Fu Yue casually opened her lips and asked it with a faint smile, “Am I beautiful?”

Her voice was as clear as two jade stones clanging with each other. With her raspy voice, it sounded somewhat alluring.

“Lady, Lady Fu Yue is naturally beautiful,” System 377 answered with a trembling voice, trying to appease her.

Fu Yue raised an eyebrow and asked in an interested tone, “You know me?”

System 677 answered honestly, “I have just finished reading your information, and just realized that you are Lady Fu Yue…”

Fu Yue then closed her eyes, and lazily said, “Now that you know who I am, then stop bothering me.”

The ball of light flashed, and said, “I can’t. You are my designated host. I can’t switch.”

Fu Yue then asked, “Who made that decision?”

System 667 shook his head to let her know that it didn’t know, as its clearance was too low.

“It was I.”

An icy voice rang within the space of pure-white. It was without emotion, but it sent chills down the spine of anyone listening.

Fu Yue and System 677 turned to see where the voice came from.

A man in a white robe entered their sight.

He was a gorgeous man, so beautiful that he should only exist in paintings.

And she was extremely familiar with that face of his.

Fu Yue opened her mouth calmly, and said that person’s name, “Jun Heng.”

When System 677 heard that name, it was stunned for a while before it went into full panic.

Jun Heng?

Jun Heng!

That was Lord Providence!

The legendary indifferent and dispassionate Lord Providence!

The ball of light quietly shrunk itself and pretended that it didn’t exist.

They were both of high statuses and it couldn’t afford to offend either of them.


Jun Heng walked over to Fu Yue and stopped next to her.

The ice-cold beauty scanned her, before saying her name, “Fu Yue.”

Fu Yue moved away, drawing some distance between them, and said chillingly, “We are not that familiar with each other.”


A pale, elegant hand reached out for her shoulder, even its shape was flawless.

His touch was cold, and Fu Yue’s body trembled from the coldness.


“We should talk.”

The beauty’s voice was easy to the ears, but it was just like its master. It was biting cold.