Rebirth of the Phoenix

The tall man took the knife and slashed at Beiting Huang’s wrist. The knife was very blunt. With one slash, it only left a very deep wound on Beiting Huang’s wrist. It didn’t cut the bone. “F*ck, it’s for cutting grass, right?”

Blood gushed out and flowed down her wrist. No one noticed that the inconspicuous bracelet could still absorb blood. The gurgling blood was all absorbed by it.

Another slash!

At this moment, Beiting Huang’s closed eyes suddenly opened. A tangible light flashed in her eyes, and the knife froze in midair under her gaze. “You’re courting death!”

She did not know what had happened to her wrist, but the sudden danger made her instinctively straighten her waist and kick, causing the knife to slip out of the tall man’s hand. Beiting Huang made a move, and the knife spun in the air and pierced through the neck of the man behind the tall man. With a bang, the knife stabbed into the tree behind him.

Three inches deep and blood splattered three feet!


“Beiting Huang?”

Was this still Beiting Huang? Was it that trash? How could trash have such skills?

This turn of events shocked everyone so much that their eyeballs almost fell out. Someone raised his head and shouted, “A zombie is coming back to life!”

The short man holding onto Beiting Huang’s wrist immediately stepped back in fear. The tree root under his feet tripped him, and he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Beiting Huang got up from the ground. She looked at her cut wrist and saw that it was bleeding profusely. She tore off a piece of cloth from her clothes and slowly wrapped it around the wound.

Her expression was cold. The flesh on her wound was exposed, and her bones could be seen. It was unknown how painful it was, but she did not even frown.

While she was bandaging her wound, these people wanted to escape. Beiting Huang sneered and swept her cold gaze across everyone’s faces. The blood in these people’s bodies seemed to have frozen. They moved closer to each other and did not dare to disperse.


They had a feeling that they could not escape from this person.

Beiting Huang raised her foot and stepped on the short man’s chest. She raised her head slightly and looked down with disdain. “Do you want me to die?”

She had changed. This good-for-nothing ninth young master had changed. She thought about how she had clearly died before, but suddenly came back to life. After she came back to life, she was like a different person. In the past, the ninth young master was timid and did not even dare to speak loudly. She did not even dare to complain when she was beaten up. Now, she looked so scary!

“Do you think you guys can do it?” Her eyebrows were tall, and her eyes were cold. Her entire body emitted a terrifying aura, and she looked at these people as if they were ants.

She was originally the king of the 21st century’s dark mercenary world. Her code name was “Phoenix”, and she dominated the world. This time, if it wasn’t to risk her life to save her companions, no one could take her life. At the moment of her death, the purple crystal jade that accompanied her when she was born wrapped around her. When she woke up, she saw a large knife slashing at her wrist.

This was not her body, but from now on, it would belong to her.

No one could touch her at all.

The tip of her foot pressed against the short man’s heart. Crack! The short man’s body convulsed and his head hit the ground heavily. He died!

This was too scary!

Everyone approached the tall man. They originally wanted to escape in all directions, but the person in front of them did not have a trace of spiritual qi fluctuation on her body. One look from her could kill a person.