Chapter 2   Reuniting

The two of them shouted excitedly at the same time. “Brother Rui!” “Baby!”

Then, Zhou Ying threw herself into his arms and cried, “You fool, you could have dodged it. Why did you come to save me?”

“If I hadn’t, how else would we be fated to be husband and wife again in this life?” Gu Chengrui hugged her back and chuckled.

However, tears also started to well in his eyes. He had thought they would be separated after death, but he did not expect they would be fated to continue to be together in this life. When he thought of this, he hugged her tightly, turning his head and gently kissing her cheek.

But his kiss fell on nothing because Zhou Ying had already raised her head and reached out to his head and neck. “It’s so hot. I have to lower your temperature immediately. ”

After saying that, she left his arms and tried to contact her interspace.


It was a space that had followed her since she was young, a space that she couldn’t see the end of.

It was surrounded by seawater, and there was only an island in the middle that was about 1000 square kilometers in size.

There were mountains, water, and fields on the island, like a heavenly garden.

As long as the interspace was still there, she would not have to worry about food and clothing no matter where she went.

After confirming that the connection was still there, she was overjoyed and said, “Brother Rui, wait a moment. I’ll go to the interspace to get special fever medicine, food, and clothes.”

Gu Chengrui’s eyes lit up. “Okay, remember to take some medicine yourself. Just in case.”


Zhou Ying nodded in response and immediately flashed into her interspace.

She did not stay after confirming the realm was still full of life, along with the cattle and sheep. She immediately went to the river that ran through the entire interspace to wash her hands.

Then, she went to a warehouse inside a palace and took two cups of millet porridge, four veggie buns, a stack of cold medicine, and a few tablets of fever medicine. Finally, she also found two sets of thermal wear.

After leaving the space, Zhou Ying put the food and medicine aside and said, “Put this on to keep warm first. It’s too cold today. ”

After saying that, she took out a men’s sweater and helped him put it on. She then covered him with the old quilt and handed him the porridge.

Gu Chengrui took it and said, “You should eat quickly too. Don’t go starving.”

Zhou Ying nodded and quickly changed her clothes. She had a cup of millet porridge, a bun, and four cold medicine tablets. After that, she said, “I’m going to cook now. We’ll discuss further when you’re a little better.”

“Alright, we’ll leave after I recover. We can’t stay in this house any longer.” Gu Chengrui hesitated for a moment before finally nodding in agreement.

Otherwise, he would only be a burden if he went out in his current state.

The key was that, based on the current situation, he was the only one who could bring up the matter of splitting up with the family. If Zhou Ying was the one bringing it up, not only would it not solve the problem, but she might also be viewed with hostility and even get beaten up.

Zhou Ying responded, turned around, and walked out of the woodshed with a bunch of firewood. When she saw the standard double-door courtyard with black tiles and green bricks outside, she really felt bad for the original couple. It seemed that they really had to leave this family as soon as possible.

After that, she turned around and entered the kitchen next to them. After looking at the prepared ingredients, she couldn’t be bothered to do something different. Instead, she cooked a pot of millet porridge, a tray of white steamed buns, fried cabbage in vinegar sauce, and mixed it with a plate of shredded salted vegetables according to how the original her cooked.

When she was almost done with her work, everyone got up one after another.

At the same time, she also recognized that the one who had woken her up before was the new wife of the Gu family’s household, Mrs. Liu, and she had been promoted from a concubine.

She was a middle-aged woman with beautiful looks.

Perhaps it was because she had been suppressed too much by the princess in the past. Once promoted, she became arrogant and wanted to show off her authority everywhere. Instead of appearing dignified, she seemed to be copying the late princess.