The Great Spirit of the Earth Rend, who had the mildest and gentlest personality among all the Great Spirits and was also the most timid and sensitive, dropped what he was holding and looked at the Spirit of Life in shock.

What did the word mean? The term referred to a person who led a group.

However, Rend, who could not understand why the great and mighty Spirit of Life had to be the Farmer Chief, felt anger surge at the top of his head. They couldn’t even wait to embrace and care for this great and noble being, yet this human dared to turn him into a

“As if to prove that he had indeed become a farmer, Rumble continued to gather his strength. He looked like a beast, showing off his majesty as he searched for something.

To others, Rumble might look like nothing but a cute wolf pup. However, in Rend’s eyes, he was the future king of the Spirit Realm. Rend watched their future king continue to gather his strength and power. Then, as if on cue, seeds formed around him. The seeds instantly burrowed deep into the ground the moment they were created.

“...As expected of the Spirit of Life.” Rend was in awe.

The greatest beings in the world all have one thing in common: the power to create new life, just like Rumble created seeds a few seconds ago.


However, Rumble was still not done. He added some power to the seeds burrowed deep in the ground. This power was none other than the active skill:

“Rumble purred as he stared at the patch of land where he had planted the seeds he had created.

Then, something unique happened. The tiny seed cracked apart as a small sprout broke from the ground. This sprout grew until lush and vibrant leaves were hanging from its stems.

Rend was speechless, amazed by the sight of this superb power. Nothing was more difficult than creating something out of nothing in this world. Not long after, a man came running from afar. Rend’s palms clenched into fists when he saw the man.

“My dear Rumble, did you make something delicious again?!”

The man was none other than Minhyuk, the emperor of the Beyond the Heavens Empire. Rend thought that the man was the owner of a pure and clean soul. However, with just one look, he could see the greed in the man’s shining eyes as he ran toward the Spirit of Life.


“Good job, Rumble.”

Rend could not accept what he was watching.

After patting Rumble, Minhyuk grabbed a hoe and dug up what the Spirit of Life had created.

A pumpkin sweet potato came out of the ground, which looked delicious and fleshy.

“It’s pumpkin sweet potato! Keuhahahahahahahahaha! My dear Rumble is the best! Keuhahahahaha!”


Rend clenched his fists even tighter when he saw the greedy light flash in the man’s eyes when he dug up the pumpkin sweet potato.

The Great Spirit of the Earth was the one that ruled over millions of Earth Spirits. Although he assimilated with Minhyuk, he only showed a small portion of his power.

He could easily create a powerful earthquake and lay an entire empire to waste. He could also lead the Earth Spirit Army and invade the Beyond the Heavens Empire. He could even choose to demolish all of the buildings and facilities in the Beyond the Heavens Empire. After all, they were made of earth and stones, right?

Some of his power might have been sealed because he came down to earth, but that did not mean that his majesty and power as the Great Spirit would disappear completely.

Just when Rend was about to step forward, he saw Minhyuk wrap the sweet potato, which grew from the seeds that Rumble produced, in foil and put it directly in the fire, blazing underneath a cauldron. Then, Minhyuk sat under a tree and called out to Rumble.



Rumble immediately ran and jumped into Minhyuk’s arms. Minhyuk rubbed and patted Rumble before asking, “Rumble, are you having a hard time?”

“” It was like he was saying,

Minhyuk tightened his hold on Rumble and continued to ask, “Rumble, if you find it difficult or you suddenly think that it’s boring and you don’t want to do it anymore, then you don’t have to do it, okay?”

Minhyuk was very happy that Rumble became the . After all, Rumble’s ability to create and grow seeds fast was cheat-like.

The crops produced from the seeds that Rumble created using his Seed Creation skill, like or carried the name. These crops could also help farmers suffering from chronic fatigue regain vitality and ease exhaustion upon consumption.

But that was not all; thanks to that, Minhyuk was also able to eat a lot of delicious dishes. And the ingredients that he tasted? Of course, they were all more delicious than regular ingredients. However, everything depended on . If he wanted to do it, then they would have it; if he did not want to do it, then Minhyuk would not force it.

Rumble tilted his head cutely at Minhyuk. Then, he jumped out of Minhyuk’s arms and circled him a few times before jumping back into his embrace.


He even stuck his tongue out and smiled as if he wanted to show Minhyuk he was having fun.

Minhyuk stroked Rumble’s fur and said, “Everyone has their role in life. Those roles allow them to fill each other’s shortcomings and live life more comfortably. Thanks to you, my dear Rumble, many of the people in our empire will be able to eat more delicious things and live more energetically.”


His level increased by four in one go!

Rumble was like a pure and innocent child. But now that he had come to the Beyond the Heavens Empire, Minhyuk would teach him many things regardless of whether he stayed with them for a few months or a year.

“...!” Minhyuk was very shocked.

According to the description of the passive skill, The One that Embraces Rumble, one could obtain permanent rewards once they help Rumble experience fun and interesting things in the world or help him grow even further.

The 0.2% increase in his HP volume was far more valuable than anything else. This was especially true for a high-ranker like Minhyuk.

After waiting a bit, Minhyuk removed the sweet potatoes wrapped in foil that he had grilled under the cauldron.


Despite the cotton gloves that covered his hands, Minhyuk still felt the heat pass through his hands. Even so, he still could not wait. Once he removed the foil, the slightly burnt skin of the baked sweet potato greeted him. And when he peeled the skin off? The golden yellow flesh of the pumpkin sweet potato revealed itself amidst the steam that rose because of the heat.

After carefully peeling the pumpkin sweet potato, Minhyuk tore off a piece and handed it over to Rumble.


The moment Rumble tasted the sweet potato, his eyes grew wide. He even spaced out for about five seconds. He seemed very impressed with its flavor.

Minhyuk smiled as he looked at the still steaming and mouth-watering pumpkin sweet potato.

“” Minhyuk blew on it before taking a massive bite from its golden yellow flesh. “Hot! Hoo–”

The moment he took a bite, heat instantly filled his mouth. However, the sweetness immediately coated his taste buds once he rolled it around, and the heat dissipated. The sweetness of the baked sweet potato filled his mouth with every bite of its golden yellow flesh. After taking a few bites, he took out a bowl of chilled and frozen dongchimi and took a huge sip.


Minhyuk was happy. This taste, this flavor, was why he played this game.

Minhyuk smiled as he rubbed his chin, his back slowly leaning on the tree behind him.

Why was Minhyuk rubbing his chin? Well, there was only one reason.

This pickaxe that belonged to the Great Spirit of the Earth Rend was a God-rank artifact. However, there was a problem.

If Rumble’s ability were combined with the pickaxe, he would become the strongest and greatest farmer in history. The problem was the Level 500 or higher requirement. And there was another problem. Rumble had to undergo for him to be able to use the pickaxe. However, Minhyuk did not want to force Rumble, and from what it looked like, the pup did not want to do so.

The ability that stood out the most to Minhyuk was the If this skill could be activated with its 0.8% probability and the crops were at least at a rare grade, the grade of the produce would increase by one level once it was harvested. Of course, the skill also has restrictions. It could only raise the level to Epic grade. Nevertheless, it was still the most incredible tool for the best farmer.


When Minhyuk was lost in his thoughts, a man approached and stood before him. The man, who looked like a middle-aged man, reminded him of someone.

And, of course, Minhyuk’s assumption was correct.

“I have misunderstood you. I’m sorry.”

Minhyuk looked at Rend in confusion. Was he sorry because he suddenly came here?

The Great Spirit of Earth Rend only understood what Minhyuk was doing after seeing him hold and pet the Spirit of Life Rumble in his arms. Yet, he was pondering ways to overturn the Beyond the Heavens Empire

Minhyuk did not force Rumble, or, in other words, the Spirit of Life, to become the Farmer Chief. The man had proposed it and explained why he suggested it to the Spirit of Life.

The Great Spirits hoped that Rumble would grow brilliantly to lead the entire Spirit Realm. The Great Spirit of Earth had never met the Spirit of Life Rumble before. However, Rend felt grateful and delighted that the Spirit of Life was having fun.

This was one of Minhyuk’s greatest weapons. Although he only moved and acted to be able to eat something delicious, he was still able to increase his favorability with the others.

“I also want to help the Spirit of Life.”


As long as the Great Spirit was on earth, they could not exert their full power. In other words, most of Rend’s powers had been sealed. However, that was only the case for their In the first place, the Great Spirit of the Earth’s power and ability to affect the land was so great that it would not matter, even if he lost a small portion of his power. This point was proven by the notification that rang in Minhyuk’s ears.

At that moment, the corners of Minhyuk’s lips curled.

Unaware of the man in front of him's crafty thoughts, the Great Spirit of Earth Rend looked at Rumble with a faint smile.


The Great Spirits of Fire, Wind, and Lightning differed utterly from Rend. They were fully aware of how noble and great their existence was. Because of that, they grew arrogant. No one could make them curb their arrogance.

However, they were also very interested in how the Spirit of Life was doing. The first one to move was the Great Spirit of Wind, followed by the rest of the Great Spirits. They all took the form of humans and sneaked into the Beyond the Heavens Empire to check if the Spirit of Life was doing well.

“Why is there no news coming from Rend, that rascal!” The Great Spirit of Fire, a man with red hair, said.

The Great Spirit of Earth Rend was timid and naive. However, instead of ostracizing him and hating him for being different from them, the other Great Spirits treated him carefully. They looked at him like a child and embraced him.

“I know, right? Where did that guy go?” The Great Spirit of Wind, sporting long blue hair, added.

However, they all threw it at the back of their heads for the moment. They quickly visited the Spirit of Life while thinking, The three Great Spirits followed the power of the Spirit of Life and were soon greeted with the sight of the Spirit of Life running around happily while working on the field.




Various emotions washed over their entire beings. However, the thing that surprised them the most was something else. They all turned to look at the lone man slowly digging with his pickaxe on the field. The man looked strange, with various vegetation sprouting all over his body. One look and they could tell that this man was someone that they were very familiar with. That was right. It was none other than the Great Spirit of Earth Rend. And Rend was now working diligently on the Beyond the Heavens Empire fields with his pickaxe in hand.

“Why- why are you here…?”

The Great Spirit of Earth Rend scratched his head and smiled awkwardly when he heard their question. Then, he held out his pickaxe, and with his slow and sloth-like voice, he said, “Do you want to join me…?”




The Spirit of Life, the being that would unite the entire Spirit Realm and lead the Great Spirits in battle, and the Great Spirit of Earth, one of the great and majestic Great Spirits, were working together happily in the fields of the Beyond the Heavens Empire.