A Feast at Hongmen

“Lin, you’re my only sister. Don’t be sad. We won’t let you return to Dongyang.”

Looking at his sister’s aggrieved expression, her brother, Guo Lu, also gently comforted her.

“Yes, we can just send Guo Fu away with cash. He must be greedy for money, thus he sent us to pick up the child. We should deal with him as soon as possible and then cut off all contact with his family,” Cheng Yu also said.

Guo Lin looked up and nodded, feeling wronged. “Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Brother.”

“What’s there to thank? You’re my daughter.” Cheng Yu held Guo Lin in her arms and comforted her.

“But, Mom, I still want to see my real home, and I want to see my sister first. Can I go to Dongyang County with you tomorrow?” she asked.


When Cheng Yu heard her daughter’s request, she felt even more pitiful and aggrieved, so she agreed.

The car drove on the narrow road in Dongyang County and stopped at the best hotel in the county.

Cheng Yu had chosen this place to meet her own daughter.

Dongyang Village was a remote place with squat toilets, and the food was also horrible. She didn’t want to make Guo Lin and herself suffer.

After receiving the news, Guo Fu arrived at the hotel entrance early to wait for Cheng Yu.

The hotel doorman looked at Guo Fu, who was dressed plainly and reeked of fish, with disdain and did not let him in.


“I told you we have an appointment.”

“Sir, I really can’t believe you’re here to eat in your clothes.”

At this moment, a young girl in gorgeous clothes got out of the back seat of a Rolls-Royce.

“Father, Sister.” Her voice sounded sweet, but it was mixed with a trace of pretentiousness.

Guo Miao raised her eyes and looked at the young girl in front of her.

It was her, the fake heiress who had framed her.

This time, she would definitely not let her live a stable and rich life as she had in her previous life.

Although it was the best hotel in the county, the food here was much worse than that in Haicheng.

Cheng Yu frowned as she looked at the dishes that were served. The abalones used for the ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’ dish were of the worst quality. They were small, and the flesh was not smooth. The other dishes were also not well-prepared.

Cheng Yu felt a little guilty. Guo Miao lived in a village in such a small county, and she really didn’t know how she managed to survive.

Looking at the plainly dressed Guo Miao, the disgust in her heart surged again.

Guo Miao was wearing the simplest coarse clothes, probably bought in the village market, and there seemed to be a faint fishy stench from them.

At the thought of this, Cheng Yu didn’t want to continue this meal.

“Mr. Guo Fu, Lin and I have already had breakfast. Let’s not eat for now and talk about business.”

“Ah, okay.” Guo Fu was stunned for a moment, and he put down his chopsticks reluctantly.

Since the Guo family had come to Dongyang County, Guo Fu thought that it was only right for him to spend some money to entertain them.

The dishes on the table were almost his monthly income from fishing and farming. In order to catch the earliest bus to the county in the morning, he didn’t even eat a single bite.

“My father hasn’t finished his meal yet. Since you said that we’re going to have a meal together, why are you in such a hurry?” Guo Miao said coldly. Her body had not fully recovered, so her voice was a little weak.

“I’ve prepared dinner for you at home. We can go back to Haicheng to eat, Miaomiao.” The way Cheng Yu addressed her by the nickname “Miao Miao” was very distant, not filled with love and gentleness like when she called Lin.

“My father is here to entertain you. You should at least give him some face. It wasn’t easy for him to raise me for so many years.” Guo Miao’s voice powerfully resonated, and Cheng Yu actually felt a trace of deterrence.

“We know. That’s why we brought a bank card with a million dollars. This is your reward for raising Miaomiao.” Cheng Yu then looked at Guo Lin. “Lin is a good child. She has been raised in Haicheng for so many years. We don’t want her to leave us, so please accept this card.”

The bank card was then passed to Guo Fu via the Lazy Susan on the table.

Guo Fu lowered his head and didn’t even look at the bank card.

“Madam Cheng, you’ve worked hard raising Lin for so many years. I’ll still have to ask you to take care of her in the future. I won’t take any money. I hope you can take good care of Lin and Miao Miao.” Guo Fu’s voice trembled.

This one million was not a small sum to him. He could renovate his house and buy Xuxu lots of his favorite Western fast food. He could even afford to send Xuxu to the best primary school in the county.

However, Guo Fu didn’t accept it.

When one was poor, one could not be short-sighted.

This was something that Guo Fu had often said to Guo Miao.

Perhaps because of this pride, in his previous life, when Guo Fu saw the fallen Guo Miao, he was so angry that he died of depression.

Guo Miao clenched her fists under the table. This time, she had to protect the people who truly cared about her.

After discussing the terms and conditions, everyone finally quieted down and began to eat.

Guo Lin quietly sized Guo Miao up.

Although Guo Miao was dressed in old and tattered clothes, she didn’t reveal the greedy eyes of a poor person who saw good things. Instead, she was calm, her back straight, and her expression cold.

How did this happen? Didn’t they say that the food in this County Hotel was already a rare delicacy for Guo Miao? How could she still be so calm?

After the meal, Cheng Yu asked if they were going back to Dongyang village to pack Guo Miao’s luggage.

Actually, Cheng Yu didn’t want to go to such an old and dilapidated village.

“No need, I’ve already prepared it.” Guo Miao didn’t have much luggage, save a few clothes and a few notebooks.

The Empire’s knowledge system thousands of years later was incredibly rich and complex, and it was different from the current knowledge system. Although Guo Miao’s knowledge far surpassed that of the current generation, if she wanted to cope with the examination, she still needed to adjust her way of thinking.

When Guo Lin saw the old bag that Guo Miao was carrying and the ugly book inside, her heart was full of disgust.

Her clothes could fill hundreds of such bags. She had never used such hideous books. She always used books that cost 10 dollars each with nice fragrances and beautiful patterns.

As expected of a country bumpkin, she was extremely uncouth.

Guo Miao felt Guo Lin’s eyes on her, but she ignored her and walked up to hug Guo Fu and Guo Min.


“Dad, take care.”

“Don’t worry about me,” After saying this, Guo Fu pursed his lips and lowered his head. His wrinkled face was like a shrunken walnut.

Guo Miao knew that her father was holding back his tears. She felt a little sour in her heart and secretly vowed to get rid of the Guo family as soon as possible, then come back to reunite with her father and brother.