Side Story: Cang’s confession

It was called Azure, a Guardian Tower spirit born from chaos!

It didn’t know how many years it had lived. It only knew how to watch the ants in its eyes come and go every day, live and die, never stopping!

Such days were rather boring!

However, it could not resist, because this was its mission!

He would protect the divine realm and the peace of the various planes!

Originally, it should have had a partner!


However, that partner was too stupid. He had raised an ungrateful Wolf and even killed himself. From then on, he only had himself again!

However, it didn’t care, because it didn’t like that partner in the first place. When his partner was too stupid and played him to death, it also knew, but it was cold-blooded and didn’t save him!

Of course, it couldn’t be said that it didn’t save him. When it discovered all this, that guy was about to collapse. So, there was naturally no need to waste its strength to save an idiot!

But from then on, it was alone again!

The days of living alone were lonely. It was so bored that it even thought of finding a master for itself … It had been lonely for too long, and it really yearned for the warmth of home!

It was a pity that it never knew what home was!


Ever since the news of the God-protecting Pagoda recognizing a master spread, many people came to the God-protecting Pagoda every day, but those people were no doubt idiots in its eyes. They couldn’t even answer the simplest question it had given, so how could its master be such a stupid fellow like a pig?

It threw those stupid pigs out one by one!

It didn’t know how long it had been like this. Although it was still so bored, it didn’t stop looking for its master. It was actually quite sick of seeing those people being stupid every day!

However, it quickly found a new source of entertainment!

That was, whenever he was bored, he would go to the Divine Master’s estate and cause trouble for that woman!

That woman was very afraid of it. Although she was always angered to death by it, she never dared to fall out with it!

In the beginning, it felt a sense of accomplishment, but gradually, it got tired of such days!

Until one day, it met a woman by the name of Leng ruoxue!

That woman was extremely beautiful. In the eyes of the artifact Spirit, she was definitely a beauty that could cause the downfall of a city!

He was quite satisfied with her and felt that she was very smart. It would be good for her to be his master!

However, it also had its own troubles!

Because there were too many beasts around that woman, and they had to fight for her favor every day!

However, this was also good. At least his days would not be boring!

Cang’s favorite thing to do was to transform into all kinds of cute little beasts and lie in Leng ruoxue’s arms. It felt great!

Of course, it had used its Totoro image the most because it realized that Leng ruoxue seemed to like its Totoro appearance!

Later on, it was even a kitten …

Thinking back to the tragic experience of transforming into a kitten, Cang couldn’t bear to recall it!

That was something that happened after they had eliminated Wu Yan and Leng ruoxue had become a Divine Master!

Come to think of it …

It was a good thing that his girl had become a Divine Master. Furthermore, she would have the help of The Guardian Tower spirit, which was even better!

The only thing that made it feel bad was that Niu actually proposed to that stinky man after becoming a Divine Master!

So be it if it was a proposal, but that stinky man had actually taken his girl away, causing him to look all over the universe for her!

After that, he finally found Niu, only to find out that Niu had a baby in her stomach!

This was its ‘child’, and it was looking forward to it!

Furthermore, in order to earn money for the baby’s milk powder, it had done a lot of things. However, that stinky man did not appreciate it and even wanted to snatch the child away from it!

This matter, uncle can tolerate it, but aunt can ‘t!

How could she not win over that stinky man!

As it turned out, it had indeed snatched the children. However, it later found out that the stinky man despised the three cute children for stealing the attention of his girl. He was feeling unhappy, but now, with him as The Godfather snatching the children, that damn demon just took advantage of the situation!

Of course, it didn’t care about being used. After all, the three babies were really cute, and they were the girl’s children. As a Godfather, it naturally had to love the house and the house!

The three milk babies had a very good relationship with it!

It was just about to surpass the position of that damned evildoer in the hearts of the three cute children, but at this time, that damned evildoer had tripped it up!

I wonder where he got this little female cat from …

From the day it saw the little female cat, it had been pestered by her. The little female cat even wanted to marry it and have a bunch of kittens with it!

Oh my!

Every time it thought of this, it felt terrified!

It wasn’t a real cat, so how could it have a baby with a female cat?

Moreover, even if it was a cat, it couldn’t possibly take a fancy to an ordinary cat with a limited lifespan of only ten years at most!

It wasn’t that it looked down on ordinary cats, but the two cats didn’t match up in status and didn’t even have a common language!

Fortunately, this matter quickly disappeared. Otherwise, it could only escape back to the divine realm!

Ever since this incident, it had been particularly vigilant of all the cats around its house, as if it were guarding against thieves.

Later on, under its strict defense, such a thing finally did not happen again.

As for it, it accompanied the three little babies to travel around the world all day long, and its little days were particularly fulfilling!

After that, when they returned to the divine world, they were still together every day …